Indie Pop Artist Lauren Marsh Joins The Conversation With Me Too Inspired Single

Notable indie singer-songwriter Lauren Marsh is completing her four-song EP with a thought-provoking reflection on one of our culture’s most toxic traits.  Figurine haunts listeners with simple instrumentation, raw vocals and powerful lyrics that don’t leave much room for interpretation.

“In the midst of the Me Too movement where women are speaking their truths, as an artist, I felt obligated to join them and continue to elevate the conversation,” says Marsh.  “I have always been drawn to the effect my music has on others.  If someone hears this song and feels a little less alone — that’s instant success to me.”  

Releasing tracks since spring, Figurine marks the final song on her brand new EP Silhouettes, both of which are available today, Friday, September 13, 2019, on SpotifyApple Music and all digital retailers.  

Exploring a spectrum of emotions, the EP, like all of Marsh’s music, draws from her personal experiences with uniquely conveyed messages. Along with the release, she will debut an acoustic video for Figurine next week through her social media platforms.  

Visit Lauren Marsh at her website and follow along with her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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