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Chelsea Bain is set to release her latest single “Shot of Whiskey” tomorrow. Known for her edgy, honest songwriting style backed by powerful vocals, Bain gave
fans a sneak peak this morning, performing the song on the popular NBC morning show Today In Nashville and releasing the song as a “first listen” exclusively via Nashville Noise.

“Men write so many songs that paint women as the princess or damsel that needs rescuing. I can’t speak for all women out there, but that’s no me,” said Bain about why she was inspired to record the tune. “I don’t wait around for what I want, I go after it. When I first heard this song, I knew I had to cut it, because a strong woman who knows who she is isn’t intimidating - she’s sexy.”

Aside from the release, Bain will also be headlining tonight’s Get Your MOTO Runnin’ Haiti Benefit Concert at Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley, raising money for Mission of Truth. The organization works with orphans in Haiti, stating they “address unresolved emotional conflicts, help develop healthy coping skills, and help each child realize their self-worth” in order to “ensure each child overcomes their life circumstances and attains a future filled with meaning and purpose.” The fundraiser, which kicks off at 7:30 p.m. CST, will also feature a performance by artist Jessica Willis Fisher. For tickets, click HERE.

To learn more about Chelsea Bain, visit ChelseaBainMusic.com, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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