CD Review: Kolt Barber - Cowboy - by Preshias Harris for Country Music International Magazine & Radio Show

“Cowboy” hot new single from Kolt Barber

Review by Preshias Harris for Country Music International Magazine & Radio Show

Kolt Barber has pulled off a difficult challenge.  His new single, “Cowboy,” will satisfy both hardcore neo-country traditionalists and fans of contemporary, guitar-driven country rock.

Guitars? Yes, seven of ‘em from Gibsons to Fenders and everything in between, including a wailing, wah-wah inflected guitar break and a hard-nosed, driving tempo throughout.  But make no mistake, this is a lyric-driven, story of a song from the point of view of a man who has lived the life. Barber is a blue-collar Georgia native, familiar with the challenges of raising crops and wrangling livestock.

Barber’s own life experience comes through on “Cowboy” with lyrics such as: “I’ve always been one to do it my own way / Makin’ my livin’ between the saddle and the stage.”  He divides his time between working his land and playing to appreciative crowds across America’s heartland.  In addition to solo shows, Barber has opened for acts such as Tanya Tucker, John Anderson and Travis Tritt.

He’s the real deal and his rich baritone voice reveals a trace of his influences, including Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. This single is virtually a showcase of the kind of excitement generated at Barber’s live shows.  A man of many talents, Barber wrote and produced the song proving he’s equally at home from the radio to the rodeo.

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“I’m a cowboy, yes I am, I was born to rope and ride / I’m a cowboy, that’s my brand until the day I die.” – Kolt Barber, from the lyrics of “Cowboy.”

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