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CD Review: The Center State - Wilderness - by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Wilderness - Sunrise - I've been Through The Fire - Shakespeare's Tragedy - Culprit From Within - Messy Love - Average Joe - Something In Your Eyes - Mocking Bird - Shelter

I suspect this group calls themselves 'Americana.'  That's just fine with me.  I don't care what music is labeled so long as it sounds good, and this group definitely sounds good.  I'm going to put some words where my mouth is when I say, perhaps, again perhaps, had country music traveled in a normal progression, it would sound very different than today's tech produced mass manipulated imitation music called 'country.'  Country it isn't, that's for sure.  However when listening to this delightful group, I 'hear' what country music may have sounded like had it's progression not been interrupted.  Listening to a song like "Culprit From Within" is an incredible look inside ones 'self,' in three-quarter time no less.  I find that fascinating.  This group uses all the instruments I like best in music, Jeremy Sharp on guitar and piano; McKenzie Davidson on violin; Brad Davidson on upright bass; Stephen Chambers on mandolin (super good on 'Mocking Bird'); Shawn Landers on drums.  It's the 'acoustic' sound I like best, that's for sure.  These songs are so poignant and so beautiful and so truthful.  We don't hear this in country music at all today.  These young creators are doing something that main-stream music listeners need to hear... desperately...and this group needs the 'attention' they deserve to help them 'share' their wonderful sounds...called simply 'great music.'  Sharing vocals is Brad Davidson, Jeremy Sharp, and McKenzie Davidson.  McKenzie is a female vocalist that has a kind of 'jazz' approach to her sentiments.  She also has an amazing ability to 'add' at just the right time in the 'mix' an astounding listening experience to a 'message' already well prepared.  She reminds me of 'Circe" a delightful vocalist in California who is the best friend/mate of Michael Nesmith's son, a truly gifted guitarist.  It's all right here in the Midwest, in St. Joseph, Missouri, where this incredibly delightful group is making their music.  Jeremy Sharp wrote all the songs except "Shelter" he co-wrote with other composers.  Not sure what the Rural Roots Music Commission will do with this very original and very listenable project, but I'm going to find out. 
Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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