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CD Review: Runway27left - Triple Story - by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Triple Story
Communication Down 3:40 I Hear the Angels Sing 2:49 Castles in the Sky 3:37 Triple Story 3:44Spin 2:48
Winter Breeze 3:26 Medusa 3:02 13 Steps 3:52 Black  5:19 Living the Dream  3:27 Leutseligkeit 2:56
Spanish Rock 3:17

As I was scanning the albums in my folder, I came upon this band. They really hit all of my checkboxes. It was a band, they had a name that seemed intriguing to me, and I had no preconceived notion of them. Now, you may think that would be fairly easy to find, but you’d be wrong. So, let me just jump right in to it.
Communication Down, begins with a really nice acoustic riff. It’s got those dark chords that take you on that slow trip down the below the bars. A nice deep bass that draws direct focus on the vocals. Right off the bat I can tell a few different influences: Black Sabbath with a very young Ozzy, House of the Rising Sun, and maybe even a smidgen of Danzig. So far, so good. I may consider this band Tex-Mex blues.
Okay, I guess I was wrong. These guys are an Austrian band. And I guess there are just two members: Erich Brandl on guitar, bass and backing vocals, and Antony “Tone” Kammarhofer on vocals and lead guitar.  They tour all through Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and their songs have gained radio play across the world.
I Hear Angels Sing, I wanted to listen to, to actually see if it was a Christmas song. It’s definitely not a song for the holidays. This is a very dark song, but now that I know a bit more about these guys and have seen their pictures, I would love to catch a show. I could just imagine the lead guitar bouncing off the ceiling of a small venue.
Now, 13 Steps, opens with that Latin American sounding guitar. I would actually say this is Tex-Mex or is directly influenced by it. When I saw this title I actually figured maybe they added another step to the twelve steps of AA. I mean that would be any logical person’s first instinct, right? Or maybe not. After the introduction riffs, the song sets into almost a slow galloping guitar. You could probably call it a galloping mule. If I am correct I also notice a kazoo added to some eerie almost Halloween sounding noises coming from a keyboard. Oh, by the way, I believe the 13 steps have something to do with Dante not AA.
This is a band I really like, but could probably only handle a few songs at a time. They would be a band I would like to see at a small venue, or just showed up at an open mic. They are both incredible musicians and have great voices. This is a band I can suggest you check out.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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