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CD Review: Parmalee - 27861 - by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Sunday Morning 2:50 American Nights 3:13 Heartbreaker 3:09 Like a Photograph 2:50
Back in the Game 3:07 Mimosas 3:05 Hotdamalama 3:10 A Guy Meets a Girl 2:55 Savanah 3:43 Drink it Off 2:46
Barrel of a Shot Glass 3:09 Roots 3:46

You really should pay attention to how you treat people, because sometimes you may just want to find out how that person is doing. That happened to me this week, and hey back then I was young and stupid. What can I say? Anyway, let's talk about Parmalee.
Sunday Morning, starts off the album with a nice riff and some congas it sounds like. Then Matt Thomas comes in with the vocals. The lyrics are really well developed and written. You can really see the Southern Rock influence in this song.
Like a Photograph, begins with an acoustic riff, then the drum kicks in and the vocals come up. When the bridge arrives, it sweeps in and makes this song a powerhouse. This is a really well written, put together, and produced song. Instantly, I had to jack up the volume on my headset. Its drumbeat is slow and steady with a heavy bass drum. I know this is country, but what it reminds me of is Def Leopard. This was a brilliant song.
Hotdamalama, is a mix of power chords and guitar solos. The fast-paced hard tempo really accentuates the lyrics and powerful vocals, blasting them into another realm. This song really gets the blood pumping and your head moving. This is by far the best song on the album and really took the charts by storm.
And, Roots, was the second single that was released off of this album. This song really focuses on the lyrical and vocal ability of the band. The background music/drums are really soft with a nice keyboard that puts it all together. I believe this song really exemplifies what the band is all about. Even their name goes with the meaning of this song. Parmalee is the town in North Carolina where the band is from.
This album was one that hit platinum, I believe, and really cemented their name into country music. This one is a keeper because it reflects what the band is all about. Roots was the perfect song to end with. They definitely haven't strayed from their roots and have really achieved what they set out to do, to go out make some music and have a good time doing it. This is a band that can put on a great show, and still produces incredible music.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International.

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