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CD Review: The Brady's - Then & Now - by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Then & Now
Blowing In The Wind - Sweet Thing - Hen Scratchin' Stomp - You Are My Sunshine -  Hold Fast To The Right - West Virginia Hills - Little Green Valley - I Saw The Master This Morning - Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem - Then I Met The Master - Pardon Me - Old Timer's Waltz - Rocky Top - Banjo Riff

I wouldn't have realized that a Bob Dylan song would sound good bluegrass style, but boy does it ever.  This remarkable family are sticking to the 'traditional' sound of bluegrass.  They're more 'mountain' than 'city' and that sure does justice to the original intent of early bluegrass music.  Bill Monroe was a very 'mountain' style musician before Earl Scruggs, and even though he created what we know as bluegrass, he was also a very humble and sincere mountain style musician.  So is the Brady Family.  This particular very traditional album is a very sincere and very honest performance of 'real' traditional music.  It's one of the best I've heard in this genre in a long time.  Randy Brady is on banjo, guitar, and vocals; Rotha Hardway is on guitar and vocals; Shirley Sheppard is on bass; Danny Mullen is on fiddle (very nice traditional sound); and Buck McChambers is on mandolin.  I believe, although it's not listed on the CD, that these musicians might make their home in West Virginia.  If that be the case, they are certainly carrying on the tradition that made it possible for Bill Monroe to emerge as the founding father of this musical genre.  This is a very sincere album, these fine musicians aren't interested in 'fame or glory' they just want to keep the music they learned as children, alive and well for anyone who likes their music have a chance to hear it.  Randy did a really nice job on the recording and mixing in the studio.  It's a very nice example of how he hears the music, and how he wants it to be heard by anyone listening.  I received this CD from an old friend in Canada, Michael T. Wall, who is originally from Newfoundland.  As president of the National Traditional Country Music Assn., he knows what I personally like in that early country music sound.  You, who might be reading this, likes the traditional country music sound, this is the CD that you need in your collection.  I am immediately sending it off to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their appraisal.  They are still selecting musical works for their CD of the Year awards at the LeMars, Iowa, 43rd National Old Time Music Festival (Aug 27-Sept 2, 2018).  I certainly hope they will give this one serious consideration.  It's a totally entertaining listen to the music the way it once sounded many years ago.  Just right, and certainly truthful.  I love it.  Carson Robinson's song "Little Green Valley" couldn't sound better, and here it is showing up in 2018.  This meek group also keeps Jesus Christ in their hearts and music.  "Then I Met The Master" is an epitome of gospel music done in the old style.  Totally good right down to the last song, done remarkably well by Randy on the banjo. Taught by their parents in the 'old way' the Brady's are still doing what their parents taught them.  Wonderful.
www.music-savers.com RECORD REVIEW BY EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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