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Acoustic Garden - The Story Behind The Band!

Acoustic Garden - The Story Behind The Band!

After the most successful music show of all time "MTV Unplugged" Frank Buelow formed his cover band UNPLUGGED in 1993, and played old and new hits of all genres in the "plug out" mode and quickly gained a foothold in the Rhine - Main area. The name set the program! Despite the name and the concert of the band, one of Buelow's bandmates found it still too loud. For him he founded the more empathetic, more tailored to voices and acoustic guitars program "Acoustic Garden" in 1997, which also had the resolution that now much more own material was presented.

For quite a long time the band dangled, sometimes as a duo, sometimes as a trio from bonfires to bonfires of several corporate events and private events, pub festivals and small clubs. It was time to take the whole thing to a more professional level, and after some differences with the singer's colleague, it was clear that the album "Mediterranean Mind" will be completed by Buelow and some guest musicians. Buelow released the album then in 2012.

But Buelow did not want a "one-man-show". He wants a band. And so he remembered Cool Breeze. The band did all the stuff that Buelow liked to sing ... songs from the Eagles, Styx, Tom Petty, Simon & Garfunkel ... "When I saw them sing in three voices at the time, I just thought someday I will be on stage with them", said Buelow.

Said and done! Since 2013 Stefan Zirkel, Fabian Michel & Sven Wittmann are now on the stage with Buelow as Acoustic Garden. In 2018, they release the first album "Concept Emotional", recorded together in the former Trick Studio in Rauenberg, where some Grönemeyer albums were made. Mixed by Stephan Keller, as well as single mixes by Johannes Luley from L.A. and Eric Legg from Nashville, who was already responsible for the sound of Dixie Chicks and Toni Braxton.

The album is a perfect mix of country, folk & pop with tasteful pedal steel and brass insertions! Each of the four guys has lead singer qualities and when they sing together they form a strong unit.
The first single release is called "Always". Mixed in Nashville, the track brings an international touch to the album. Also for the music video Acoustic Garden has come up with something very special. The video appears in a "Southpark" -lookalike that has barely been seen in country videos.
In collaboration with the camera operator Marc Weissenberger from Darmstadt and Marc Teichner from Cologne, who was responsible for the editing, a unique and special video was created, which is definitely worth a click.
The film was shot in a small studio in Griesheim, where mostly product presentations and tutorials are shot. Marc W. produced the documentary "Rock The Bizz" several years ago. A film that deals with the possibilities of the German Musicbuisness. Since then, he has concentrated on music videos for regional artists with his company RTB-Production. Marc T. has already worked on the Acoustic Garden video "Change the weather" as a camera assistant.

Check out the latest videos:

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