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CD Review: JULIE RICHARDSON - Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home
85 Miles To Greenville - I'm Not Lisa - Me and Bobby McGee - Old Violin - Please Mr. Please - Don't Tell Me That You've Gone - It Ain't Easy Being Easy - Slippin' Away (with Jean Shepard) - House That Built Me - Wind Beneath My Wings
Julie Richardson is an incredibly lovely voice produced by Marty Martel for Allen Karl's Century II Records.  That means it's professional all the way through.  But it had to be easy for the engineers because Julie Richardson's voice is so beautiful.  She's a natural singer, and she selected some great songs to 'showcase' this beautiful voice. Engineering is supreme on this project that provided some excellent musicians (unnamed)  to provide the 'backing' during the session.  I would have loved to actually 'hear' the transformation from mundane music we hear on country radio stations today done 'live' in the studio.  Wow, what a trip.  Even 'Me and Bobby McGee" done pretty much as a screamer rock song by Janis Joplin, takes this song back to the original intent of writer Kris Kristofferson who did the song at the request of a producer who wanted the 'Bobby' to be a girl.  Julie turns it completely around, making Bobby a boy, and telling the story only as a 'girl' on the road with him could tell it.  Good going Julie, extremely well done. I also really like the song written by Bill Anderson "Slippin' Away." Julie does this with one of our most gifted Grand Ole Opry stars, Jean Shephard, now no longer with us.  Uptempo, old-style, perfect harmony from Jean and shared leads.  There's some amazing songwriters on this album, Johnny Paycheck, so well known for 'take this job and stuff it,' wrote "Old Violin."  Julie takes the words, the meaning, and the melody exactly where it needs to be.  Soft and beautiful with likewise backing from the musicians. The closing song "Wind Beneath My Wings" is an exacting closing song.  Being more acoustic minded I would have preferred the drums to be back just a little bit, letting the voice of Julie Richardson shine through.  This is the last day I can send 'CD of the Year' submissions to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  They need to hear this lovely CD, and knowing I'm still under the line, I know they will listen as closely as I have to this wonderful production.  There has been a lot of incredibly good music coming out on Century II Records.  Keep listening.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Assn., www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International

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