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CD Review: Trisha Yearwood - Prize Fighter: Hit After Hit

Trisha Yearwood  - Prize Fighter: Hit After Hit

Prize Fighter, Wrong Side of Memphis, I Remember You, Walkaway Joe, End of the World, In Another’s Eyes, Perfect Love, How Do I Live, Meet Him In A Motel Room, She’s In Love With the Boy, Your Husband’s Cheatin’ On Us, Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love, Georgia Rain, You Can’t Trust the Weatherman, XXX’s and OOO’s, The Song Remembers When

The first time I heard Trisha Yearwood’s music was when my friends and I watched the movie Con Air which starred Nicholas Cage.   “How Do I Live” appeared in the movie soundtracks, made a leap in the chart and sold millions of copies.  It let everything out in the catchy chorus that goes, “How do I live without you…I want to know…How do I breathe without you…If you ever go…How do I ever, ever survive How do I, how do I…Oh, how do I live.” Indeed it is tough to be separated from the person you hold dear.  It’s slow and dramatic highlighted by nice solos and riffs complimenting Trisha Yearwood’s calm and soothing voice.

A friend of mine told me years ago to do the things I fear and in the track “Prize Fighter”, I ponder on the value of fear when I got to listen to the song lyrics.  I recognized the first as the fear of God as the song shows how pain refines and strengthens a person to battle a challenge.  The second is the negative kind of fear. The character in the song uses fear and situation as a training ground to exercise his emotional and spiritual muscles.  As the chorus goes: “When you hit the ground, you find your wings…You go one more round when that bell rings…They say you’re done, but here you come…You’re a hammer hittin’, spittin’ fire, Prize Fighter”.  There are times when we’re pressed, but not crushed.  Other times we’re struck down, but not knocked down.  Everything works out for good for those who keep the faith.  It turns your fear and pain into strength, power and victory.  The astonishing piano virtuoso at the start of the song is incredibly dazzling.  Then the drums kicked it off to add flavor to the beat.  Lead guitar opens up in the chorus with a signature lick adding power to win.  The production quality is great, emphasizing the distinct, yet beautifully blended timbres of Trisha Yearwood’s powerful voice with Kelly Clarkson’s alto and good vocal range.  It’s a nice, soothing and uplifting music that makes you feel good.

“Met Him In A Motel Room” is following the scent of God, seeking, pursuing Him in the secret place, the place where you’re comfortable and where you are not disturbed by the noise of your heart and surroundings.  This is the place where you established a relationship with Him, sing praises, worship, giving thanks, expressing yourself, waiting and resting on the Lord.  It’s the place where you hear His voice, it’s the place where dreams are planted in your heart, the place where you get wisdom.  Given instructions are received to tackle different situations in life.  It’s the place where you develop spiritual eyes and become a strategist.  The Secret Place is where you find your victory.  It’s one of my favorite places to be!!!  Are you ready for change? These tracks can definitely impact your lives. Kudos to Trisha Yearwood for spreading life changing messages!!!
RECORD REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 


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