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Country Music News International Newsletter November 3. 2016

Country Music News International Newsletter November 3. 2016

Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News International Magazine www.CountryMusicNewsInternational.blogspot.com . Your Country Music News is supported by Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tennessee Tourism, Eileen Carey, Brian Lee Robinson, Jaehl, Coreopsis Publications LLC, Gestüt St. Georg, Versicherungsmakler Jacob, Waldo Weathers, Il Sorriso Lounge & Bar

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Country Music News:

Adam Searan on Country Music News International Radio Show interviewed by Christian Lamitschka – November 2. + 3. + 4. + 5. + 7. 2016 http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/10/adam-searan-on-country-music-news.html

Makenna & Brock Interview by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/10/makenna-brock-interview-by-christian.html

PETE SCOBELL, LEROY VAN DYKE, JEANNIE SEELY, EDDY RAVEN AND LORRAINE JORDAN http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/11/pete-scobell-leroy-van-dyke-jeannie.html

GEORGE STRAIT REVEALS STRAIT OUT OF THE BOX: PART 2 TRACK LISTING; FEATURES TWO NEW SONGS http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/11/george-strait-reveals-strait-out-of-box.html

"LARRY'S COUNTRY DINER" TO FEATURE GUESTS SIERRA HULL, JOHN BERRY, BILL ANDERSON AND 45 RPM http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/11/larrys-country-diner-to-feature-guests_2.html

JUSTIN MOORE MERGES COMEDY & COUNTRY ON JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! (11/2) http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/11/justin-moore-merges-comedy-country-on.html

MICHAEL TYLER WINS SESAC SONG OF THE YEAR FOR "SOMEWHERE ON A BEACH" http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/11/michael-tyler-wins-sesac-song-of-year.html

AARON LEWIS PERFORMS ON THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT (11/2) http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/11/aaron-lewis-performs-on-late-show-with.html

Music News General:

Waldo Weathers - The Soul of James Brown @ The Hofmeister Festival 2016 http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/11/waldo-weathers-soul-of-james-brown.html

Music Video: Jaehl • Where are you now (Alan Walker - Faded Bootleg) http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/06/jaehl-where-are-you-now-alan-walker.html

Eileen Carey Releases Her Ode to “Love Being Stronger Than Hate” http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2016/07/eileen-carey-releases-her-ode-to-love.html

WATCH EILEEN CAREY’S AMUSING VIDEO FOR “PARTY AT THE BEACH” http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2015/07/watch-eileen-careys-amusing-video-for.html

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