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CD Review: RED JOHNSON - The Soft Side Of Me

The Soft Side Of Me
The Soft Side Of Me - Don't Change America - If You Ain't Got It - We Always Come Back - A Short Story Long - The Brat Song - My Own Worst Enemy - Falling Dreams - Do It Now - My Heart Don't Thin I Should - You Saw Me through - A Sad Country song - A Huggin' and A Kissin' - Confused
I thought I had already reviewed this incredible new CD by the upper Midwest's finest traditional country music songwriter, but there it was in my 'to be reviewed' box.  I counted the CD's that I still have to review, and there are 36 of them in there.  I'm glad I found Red's, because he is already going to get a CD of the Year Award this year from the Rural Roots Music Commission this year at the 41st annual National Old Time Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, Aug. 29-Sept 4. This great piece of country songwriting is called "Say Yes Again."  This CD "The Soft Side Of Me" is one of his newest ones.  Again, like in the case of Mary Channer Paul, age is the defining factor, meaning it gets better with age. Red is an incredible songwriter and this is his forte.  He put together some incredibly gifted old-time country instrumentalists for this project, all of the usual backing players, but also includes a terrific accordion player, a terrific fiddler, a terrific piano player, and of course all the others are super good though we don't know who they are. It's this combination of super good music in the traditional and classic country style that has gotten Red into the good graces of a music placement company that has now put no less than five of Red Johnson's songs on no less than five incredible high-quality and popular national television shows, including NCIS one of the most popular drama shows on television.  It just doesn't seem to stop, he's even had one of his songs on a movie being filmed in Canada right now.  Red is an 'inspiration' writer.  He puts down an 'idea' or a 'thought' that is presented to him in his normal life style of living, and from that he has written hundreds of incredibly thought provoking and lovable songs. It all starts with an idea, a melody line, rhyming the right words, and before you know it, Red has the words and music down in his head, and off to the studio he goes, putting it all together with traditional country music instrumentalists, bringing some of the best old-time country music to the world.  You might know he had a huge hit with "There's a  Grand Ole Opry Show Playing Somewhere" that certainly tells the truth about music today.  Keep up the good work Red Johnson, don't lay the pen down....ever.
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - PRES. NTCMA - bobeverhart@yahoo.com 
for Country Music News International

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