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CD: LILY DeTAEYE - Nothing To Say

Nothing To Say
Nothing To Say - Scout - Cantare Eternamente - The One I Knew - In Your Arms - Faceless - Footie Pajamas
Lily DeTaeye is a 17-year old singer/songwriter from Des Moines.  For someone whose musical likes seem to migrate to the tunes of Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams, I'm probably not the best person to be placed in a situation where I am listening to a very young girl writing songs in Iowa.  But guess what?  This girl is actually writing songs that make sense, songs that should be heard by a whole big bunch of young people, and adults too.  She recorded her originals at the Sonic Factory Studios in Des Moines. I heard a nice little harmonica on the second song but the player is not named.  Will Locker is on drums; Jon Locker is on bass; Jon Locker is on piano; Heath Allan is on Saxophone, but I hear a few other neat instruments as well.  A ukulele sounds super good on 'Cantare Eternamente' what I have no idea means, but it sure is a nice presentation.  The ukulele pops up again several times and sounds great.  Why, or perhaps 'how' am I familiar with this kind of music?  My 18-year old daughter is a fan of the Disney Channel, one of her favorite programs being 'Austin & Ally' so I've heard this music before, and guess what, Lily is right where they are at in production style, in writing style, in singing style, in presentation style.  I love it, and I'm so glad we have a young lady in Iowa who can produce original music so well.  Lily has already added some credentials to her credit, and I hope she will continue to do that until she finds her 'road' in music, because it surely will be there for her.  This particular CD is not traditional country music, neither is it old-time, but it's done so very well, I'm going to forward it to the Rural Roots Music Commission and let them tell me what the genre is and how we can help Lily on her musical road.  "The One I Knew" is a super neat song.  I'm so old it reminds me of Paul Anka's work when he was just a young guy.  That's a compliment Lily, Anka turned out to be one of Canada's most prolific songwriter.  He even wrote Johnny Carson's theme song on the Tonight Show.  Keep up the good work, I will be watching you climb the ladder.
REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART - www.ntcma.net
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