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Shannon and Heather Slaughter Kick Off New Album

Shannon and Heather Slaughter Kick Off New Album
January 24 at The Station Inn, Nashville, Tenn.
Songwriting and Vocals Shine on New Album
Nashville, Tenn. (January 22, 2015)  Shannon and Heather Slaughter will kick off their new album Never Just A Song at The Station Inn in Nashville January 24 at 9:00 pm. They will be joined by special guests Randy Kohrs, Melonie Cannon, Aubrey Haynie, Ron Inscore, Trevor Watson, Cliff Bailey, and more.  The band will perform more songs from the album including the title track written by Tim Stafford and Pam Tillis. 
Shannon and Heather take turn on lead vocals, perform beautiful duets, and also contribute their songwriting talents to the album. They co-wrote “The Best Thing We Ever Did” and “Where Does the Love Go,” and certainly hit the mark with their vocal harmony on songs like “There Ain’t No Need to be Lonely” written by Shannon Slaughter and Bill Castle.
Never Just A Song includes:
  1. Moonshiner(Traditional)
  2. Never Just a Song / Tim Stafford and Pam Tillis
  3. Back to Birmingham / Shannon Slaughter, Shawn Lane, Dale Felts, Gerald Ellenburg, Heather Slaughter
  4. Company Town / Shannon Slaughter and David Carroll
  5. Shadows in My Room / Nick Forster 
  6. That’s What’s Good in America / Shannon Slaughter and Gerald Ellenburg
  7. Where Does the Love Go / Shannon Slaughter and Heather Slaughter
  8. Feelin’ Better / Hank Williams Jr.
  9. Go Sin No More / Cliff Bailey
  10. Anything / Alex Hibbitts and Sarah Scott
  11. There Ain’t No Need to be Lonely / Shannon Slaughter and Bill Castle
  12. Whiskey Colored Dreams / Terry Foust and Shannon Slaughter
  13. Ridin’ the Lightnin’, Ropin’ the Storm / Shannon Slaughter and Dale Felts
  14. The Best Thing We Ever Did / Shannon Slaughter and Heather Slaughter

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