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CD: LEX K - Well Traveled Road

Well Traveled Road
Namitjira's Land - They Don't Play My Kinda Music - Walk Away - Down Memory Lane - Country Way of Life - I Like A Little Boogie - Bushman's TV - I Always Get The Blues - Well Traveled Road - Sound of Soaking Rain - Tools Of My Trade - Thanks To A Few Good Mates
Both Australia and New Zealand seem to have a very 'close' relationship with what we now term 'real' country music.  Very unlike the Nashville sound today, Australia in particular seems to hold on to the traditional sound of classic country music more than most locations on planet earth.  For one thing, Lex K is a vocalist who isn't afraid to express his feelings, especially in a song like "They Don't Play My Kinda Music" with a line that specifically states....'they don't play my kind of country anymore,' one of the ten original songs Lex has on this very nice 'country' CD.  Lex is also not afraid to 'talk about' his own memories of Australia, whether it be a geographical location like Namitjira's Land, or the lead song "Well Traveled Road," which reminds all of us that 'rural' is still alive and well in places other than Nashville, Tennessee.  Lex works closely with Kross Kut Records, located in Queensland.  I like the way Lex describes his own musical endeavors, much better stated than I could do...."I write and record most of my own songs and they are 99% bush ballads or traditional Australian country.  I love writing and a lot of my songs relate to my life as a man of the land.  I have been a cattle man all my life as my father before me, so that kind of life and the songs I write are sort of in my blood."  Yes indeed, the very 'nature' of country music is in Lex's blood.  He's not the next Kenny Rogers on the top of the hit parade as a vocalist, but he definitely has a 'hook' on what country music is, what it should be, and what it should continue to be, and he's doing his very best in his own Australian way to keep 'real' country music alive.  He used some great instrumentation throughout this great CD: on guitar Lindsay Waddington, Hugh Curtis, Jamie Davis, and himself, along with Hugh Curtis and Lindsay Waddington on bass.  Add Neil Butler and Lindsay on the drums, and on the steel/dobro/banjo/ harp none other than Lawrie Minson.  Hugh Curtis is on fiddle and mandolin, and the piano and keyboard additions were done by Tony Wagner.  A good job well done, I hear the 'compositions' and 'original music' more than the voice, and I must say, it's all darn good.  This CD will find it's way to the Rural Roots Music Commission for some International Country CD recognition. 
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