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Stevie Nicks Tribute Artist Julie C Myers Gears Up to Release Solo Album

World Famous Stevie Nicks Tribute Artist Julie C Myers Gears Up to Release Solo Album

After a long 16 years, legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac is back together and touring with their original lineup. With this current tour reviving many fans’ love for Stevie Nicks, tribute artist Julie C Myers’ career is hotter than ever. 
For the last decade, fans all over the country have been quenching their thirst for classic rock at Fleetwood Mac shows or by attending Julie’s world famous “Nearly Nicks” tribute shows. Today Myers, along with many other mainstream artists and fans young and old, are witnessing Stevie’s musical influence more so than ever before.
Just over the course of the past 12 months, Stevie Nicks has served as an advisor for Adam Levine on the hit NBC reality show The Voice, made a cameo on the TV series American Horror Story and been featured on a CMT Crossroads collaboration with chart-topping country group Lady Antebellum.
Myers, who performs as Stevie in the show “Dreams… A Classic Rock Fantasy,” is more than just Stevie’s physical doppelganger. A trained gymnast, professional dancer, former Vegas performer and vocal powerhouse, Julie is a natural born entertainer that has been captivating audiences of all ages with her Stevie Nicks impersonations for years.

“'Nearly Nicks’ is a stunning musical and visual recreation of Stevie Nicks, capturing her precise look and sound.” Examiner.com
“Julie C Myers is the world’s top Stevie Nicks tribute artist.” –ThePlatformMagazine.com Myers has a distinct and powerful voice, luscious blonde hair, vivacious energy and the ability to sell out all types of venues, from casinos to symphony centers. Now, inspired by her success as a tribute artist and the fans that return to her shows night after night, the Memphis-native is taking to the studio to record an album of her own blues and rock-infused country music with industry veteran and producer Dan Hodges. “I’m a bit more country than Stevie is,” says Julie. “Being a southern girl, I know I walk the line between country, rock and blues.”
In Myers’ album, which is set to release later this year, are traces of artists who influence her like Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, Gretchen Wilson and of course, Stevie Nicks. “Stevie’s influence without her even knowing it has pushed me beyond the Tribute World and into becoming a recording artist of my own,” explains Julie. “I hope to make her proud some day!” With unparalleled talent, inspiring determination and over 20,000 Facebook fans supporting the raspy rocker, it is clear that Julie C Myers’ multifaceted performances and forthcoming album are going to keep fans coming for years to come.

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