Stephen Chadwick: The Emerging Voice In Texas

Stephen Chadwick: The Emerging Voice In Texas
New Album “Let’s Do This Thing” Is True Country Personified

Nashville, TN (November 14, 2014)-While most 7-year-old boys are getting ready for their first attempt at little league, Houston-based Stephen Chadwick was getting paid to sing and perform on stage: booking agent and all.  And while most 15-year-old boys are deep in the throes of adolescent rebellion and existential discovery, Stephen and his band were regularly on stage at local bars and honky tonks: still getting paid to sing and perform.  Some might consider Stephen Chadwick a phenom, a natural born entertainer who earned on-stage credibility and a working musician’s credentials long before a high school diploma. But on November 18th, with the release of his brand new album “Let’s Do This Thing,” many more are sure to consider him a remarkable descendent of the true country music pedigree.

Let’s Do This Thing” is produced byTommy Detamore, acclaimed steel guitarist known for his work on over 100 albums for performers including George Strait and Grammy Award winner Bobby Flores. The true country sound that is inherent in both Chadwick and Detamore made it impossible for them to emerge with anything less than one of the most authentic country music albums to be released in some time.  Although Chadwick’s vocal chops have been cultivated by years of cross-harvested genres like R&B and Rock and Roll, his pure country tone is the power source that brings the songs to life.
The album kicks off with the first single “Hell Of A Time To Go Crazy,” and as soon as the first few chords erupt from the speakers, you know you are going to take the journey through this album to the very end.  Track after track, the buoyancy and consistent quality of “song” just keeps on coming. Beautiful originals including “She Just Might Be A Love Song” and “Waiting On You” are two towering examples of what Chadwick is capable of with a pen in his hand.  Other perfectly penned tunes like “What Goodbye Does” written by Adam Hood, “Here We Are” written by Bob DiPiero and the title track written by Trent Summar make it a little bit easier to believe that this album was recorded in a mere 3 days.  

In the mainstream world where hip-hop country seems to govern, Stephen Chadwick feels confident waving the old school country music flag.  Out on the road Chadwick can testify to the fact that younger audiences want to hear the likes of George Jones and Merle Haggard just as much as the newer generation, and Chadwick is proud to have shared stages with some country music royalty including Ray Price, John Anderson, Earl Thomas Conley, John Connelly and Chris LeDoux.  Stephen Chadwick’s band features Chris Loring (guitar), Bubba Scherer (bass) and Marshall Black (drums).

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