CD: Brent Moyer - Tennessee Tears

Brent Moyer
Tennessee Tears
When you think of ‘Global’ you think worldwide. When you think of ‘Cowboy’ you think of campfires, horses and the life on a ranch. Brent Moyer is known as the balladeering Global Cowboy. His style of country western music brings to light his story-telling gift of human experiences and emotion that only
can be told through story and song.

On his latest release “Tennessee Tears” he comes full circle as an artist. Blending the sounds of an old fashioned honky tonk, tex-mexing it country with sprinkles of traditionalism and other musical bits to hearty the flavor to fill the need for his global audience.

He brings to the album, his musical peeps; country stars of Norway: Ottar Johansen and Tore Andersen, and fellow honky tonk friend Joe Sun. Their airtight harmonies and the production stripped down to just bass, acoustic and percussion – it adds just the right touch to add the icing on the cake on the title track.

First one out of the hatch is a groove along with the band styling song titled “Honky Tonk Proud.”  “Getting Down in Jackson Hole,” is a little ditty that is about fun, hay, fun, hay, you get the picture.
 “Things I Can’t Do” makes you wished you had 20/20 hind sight.

His special female guest vocalist is Swiss country star Doris Ackermann. She shares the waves on the tunes, “On The Other Side of Pride” (A Ballad) “Honky Tonk Proud” (Rockabilly) and “Cry For the Last Time” (Pop-country)

As a multi-instrumentalist he has one up on most “guitar” picking artists. All through this eclectic collection, of songwriting, production and deliverance -- he is a smorgasbord of lifetime influences which he lists his dad as number one.

CD Review by Preshias for Country Music News International Magazine

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