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CD: CURTIS POTTER - Songs of the Cherokee Cowboy

Songs of the Cherokee Cowboy
The Songs of the Cherokee Cowboy (duet with Willie Nelson) - Danny Boy - If She Could See Me Now - I Love You So Much It Hurts Me - Sittin' and Thinkin' - I Won't Mention It Again - Walk Me To The Door - I'm Still Not Over You - It Should Be Easier Now - Soft Rain - Healing Hands of Time - Night Life
I'm not very familiar with the works of Curtis Potter, but I was a long-time fan of Ray Price, even got to open for him on the Midwest Country, RFD-TV show.  Price was a 'standard' on his own, and although there are many 'imitators' in country music, I don't believe I could put Mr. Potter in that category.  He's a 'natural' Ray Price singer.  He can't help it if his voice sounds like Ray Price, BUT he don't care, he's a Ray Price fan too, and this remarkable CD is proof of the pudding.  Mr. Price had to go through the ordeal of being told he's an old fart and a jackass because he didn't particularly like the very un-country music of Blake Shelton.  Well all that has disappeared, as has Ray Price, but here we have the music right back with us again.  As long as there is a Curtis Potter there will be the lovely and remarkable sounds of Ray Price....alive all over again.  Terrific.  Willie Nelson drops in to sing on "The Songs of the Cherokee Cowboy" as well as contributing a number of original songs he originally did for Price: "I'm Still Not Over You" "It Should Be Easier Now" "Healing Hands of Time" and "Night Life."  What's neat about Curtis Potter is that he is not only keeping Ray Price's music alive, he's keeping this style of country dance alive.  It's not possible to 'cowboy-western dance' without this kind of music, and here it is, in all it's glory.  The musicians on this project, much like Price's original Cherokee Cowboys, speak for themselves.  They play it like it should be played.  they don't need to 'switch' to automation, the 'box,' electronic interference, or anything else.  What you hear is what you get, and it's the 'real deal' an honest and truly astonishing approach to cowboy and western swing music.  Randy Reinhard on steel; Reggie Rueffer on fiddle; Justin Trevino on rhythm guitar, harmony vocals (who also produced and engineered); Jake Hooker on bass; T. Bonta on piano; Charlie Walton on lead guitar; Jim Loessberg on drums; and add Bobby Flores on violin and guitar on "The Songs of the Cherokee Cowboy." Extremely well done CD, this one should be taking awards, wherever there are awards for this wonderful music.  Heart of Texas Records, 1701 S. Bridge, Brady, TX 76825 -  tracy@hillbillyhits.com -
Review by Bob Everhart, Pres., NTCMA www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International

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