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CD: Lucy Malheur Little Blue Devils

Lucy Malheur
Little Blue Devils

Fine, Double fine 3:30 Fag and Booze Blues 3:24 Count My Blessings 5:22
Toad in my Throat 4:38 From Now On 5:45 Southern Comfort on My Mind 4:32
Half a Bottle, Half a Life, Half a Song 4:31 I Got the Blues 4:10
Your Blues Got Nothing but the Ain’t 2:56The Shit and Chillum Blues 4:14 Barrister Blues 3:07 Blame it on the Change 3:39 Coochee-Coo 5:09 I Got the Blues- Reprise 4:09
Bonus Track- Count My Blessings (unplugged) 6:07

Seriously, all the moping around since a few weeks ago has me feeling way too much about time.
From any of my previous writings, most people can only begin to grasp my mood. I went to a hearing and learned that no operation can relieve what happened. After the car accident, I was in a coma for a while. When I awoke they told me I had brain surgery. The doctors here just keep telling me that I may have to have another operation, not telling me what was wrong. I had to actually hear the doctor’s report from my lawyer. The only reason I’m explaining this is because every day, as was the case today, I feel like time on this Earth is again slipping past.

Then I press play on the CD player, and on comes Lucy Malheur singing Fine, Double Fine. Uplifting me while reassuring through the speakers that, “I’m gonna be fine, double fine.” The message is the same that all these years I’ve said, “I don’t mind if you don’t like me, and if you don’t like being around me, that’s okay.”

Fag and Booze Blues revs up next. For those uncultured “Fag” means cigarette in Europe, not the negative connotation that people in the U.S. have stuck to it. Take a break and enjoy the scene, get lit up, drink yourself silly. Remember every one may be like you and enjoying the blues as well.

I Count My Blessings is what everyone should take a moment or two and do. Take your memories and enjoy them. Sometimes there are those that you have to take in stride and not count on. Those are the passing ones you walk by casually.

I’m sure everyone has woken up with the idea that there’s, A Toad in my Throat. Surely you may have just said something and truly regretted it, wanted to climb in a hole or moved on. From Now On seems shaking with the tears flowing from what was said. Sometimes you got to just hide your heart instead of wearing it on your sleeve.

I believe I just got in trouble from the next one. Southern Comfort on my Mind is such a great idea. I definitely got it on mind from those 4 years I spent bartending on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. And what else can I say cause, “I got Southern Comfort on my Mind,” just let those old best friends go away.

Half a Bottle, Half a Life, Half a Song. I’d see a lot of friends just have to go out and play. They’re the entertainers but they want to enjoy themselves with the audience instead of being at “Work.”

I Got the Blues are those feelings that all of us feel; some more than others. When you’ve either had to leave someone or they’ve left you. That despair, or desperation, you feel when you wake up by yourself for one of the first times and seem confused about what to do.

This song title leapt out at me. It’s one of those titles that you see and want to learn more about it. Your Blues Got Nothin’ but the Ain’t, is the title that just makes you want to hear why. It’s very mellow but it seems to be telling some bands that just because some friends support them it’s not really the blues because they haven’t lived it. I feel the same way about poetry and writing, if you haven’t lived it you can’t really describe it.

The Shit and Chillum Blues has a really nice acoustic beginning. It has some great lyrics that any artist has felt. The family doesn’t respect the way of life. I had to look up Chillum in the dictionary. It’s a word I didn’t know but I did. I suggest you do the same because right when you do you’ll understand.

What I love about the next song is the horn that comes in. Barrister Blues makes a lot of sense if you know what a barrister man is. The horn just helps you imagine the strut that’d go with the gear. Blame it on the Change is true; at least I’ve found it to be.

Coochie-Coo is exactly what I expected when I saw the title. The saxophone just adds to the sexuality of the song. I could just envision the guy in the audience who this was written for, blushing as she’s trying to call him over with her fingers. Everyone else turning and glaring at him with the spotlight on him.

I Got the Blues- Reprise this adds the album together and explains its main theme. It shows you the storyline that progressed from the beginning to end.

Bonus Track- Count My Blessings (unplugged) - I’m glad this album ends with an unplugged Count My Blessings, I’d have to say that this one probably my favorite song on the album with the strongest message. If the song is a story all the way through then I believe this should be attached at the end.

Lil Blue Devils is my favorite album by Lucy Malheur yet. Cruising around with it playing takes you into an alternative world. As if you’re driving through the reels and onto a yellow brown off color movie screen from those movies a long time back. Sometimes the old tape would break and you’d hear that whipping sound as the reel would just keep rolling while you’re sitting there waiting for it to be fixed. You see that 10, 9, 8, 7……beginning the adventure through the past years, feelings and memories of your own life. Some good times, some bad, some innocent, some animalistic, some joyous, engulfed in happiness, some painful, some heartfelt, some tearful, some attached, some lonely, some loved, and some lost. But, I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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