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Michael Martin Murphey Hits Top Ten of Billboard

Michael Martin Murphey’s Red River Drifter
Hits Top Ten of Billboard Bluegrass charts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Red River Entertainment Recording Artist Michael Martin Murphey has already hit the Top Ten of the Billboard Magazine Bluegrass charts one week after the album’s release.

Red River Drifter is a solid Americana blend of Murphey's influences over the years, touching not only on bluegrass, but pop, jazz, country and even classical. Produced and co-written with his son, Ryan, and guitar ace Pat Flynn, it is also Murphey's
first album of all new original songs in nearly 20 years.
The response has been terrific:

“Herein are some of the most exquisite melodies he’s ever crafted; some of the finest singing of his later years..,  unquestionably some of the most complex lyrics he’s ever composed.., and tight, focused, emotionally resonant instrumental work. strikingly captured in bright, clear sonics. With a catalogue as broad and deep as Murph’s, it’s a fool’s errand to proclaim Red River Drifter the best album he’s ever delivered, but anyone who would dare assert it doesn't rank with the cream of the bluegrass, cowboy and early classic albums such as Geronimo’s Cadillac, Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir and Blue Sky-Night Thunder (from whence sprang the towering “Wildfire” and “Carolina in the Pines”) is in need of counseling.”
— Dave McGee / DeepRoots

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