Anita, Iowa...Sticking pretty close to home, Bob & Sheila Everhart, traveling musicians who are now doing their "Traveling Museum of Music" program for various opera houses and museums in Iowa, are getting ready for one of their most unusual concerts at the Oak Tree Performance Center in Anita.  "We were astonished in 2011, when June Webb came to our festival in LeMars for Hall of Fame induction ceremonies," Bob said.  "She had been out of country music for quite a long time, nearly 40 years.  She makes her home in Sarasota, Florida, and was known as the 'prettiest Smoky Mountain boy' a label pinned on her by Roy Acuff, who she worked for as his lead vocalist.  She was also a solo artist, and opened many shows for Hank Williams, Sr.  As a matter of fact, she was the opening act on the last two shows Hank never showed up for because he died in the backseat of his car.  After that happened, June Webb sort of disappeared from show business, but she's back, and she is an incredibly gifted country singer.  She will be at the Oak Tree for a special Memorial Day Weekend concert on May 31st."
     "I like June Webb too," Sheila added, "she certainly has a magnificent voice.  I just celebrated my 40th birthday, which of course got Bob and Bobbie Lhea all excited, but what really struck me as an incredibly nice birthday present was a case of Timber Ridge wine with my photo on the label from a retired CIA agent.  How is that possible.  Francis Hahn is one of our regular performers at the Oak Tree, and I can't wait for his special 4th of July presentation. It's quite a nice thing."
     "We sure had fun celebrating mom's 40th birthday," Bobbie Lhea was quick to add.  "Dad and I got her some nice presents, and of course we had a couple of dinners as well as lunches, but the best one was in Greenfield at the Olive Branch Restaurant.  We've been there before, it's the only Greek restaurant near us.  So, dad said lets put the 'budget lunch' test on, and see what happens, and much to our surprise we could each have a Gyro sandwich (this is mostly lamb meat) and a drink and still have a budget lunch.  We took one of their pizza's home for later, so that didn't count."
     The Everharts are also getting ready for their 38th festival in LeMars, Iowa, and according to Bob, the line-up is already looking good.  "Appears we'll have Lulu Roman on Aug 29 (she was on Hee Haw), Joanne Cash (Johnny Cash's sister) will be with us on Aug 30, as will her husband Dr. Yates who is the founder of Cowboy Church. Also on that day we'll have Ed Bruce who wrote "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" for Willie Nelson. Kenny Serrat (the guy who apparently gave Merle Haggard his vocal style), and Michael Martin Murphey are set aside for Aug 30, so it's starting to look like a great week in LeMars, Aug 26-Sept. 1.

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