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MICHAEL T. WALL - From Newfoundland To Australia

From Newfoundland To Australia
From Newfoundland To Australia - Island of Newfoundland - When The Plane Touches Down In Deer Lake - I've Been Here And There - Sally's Harbour - I Wouldn't Take A Million Dollars For A Single Maple Leaf - Hillbilly Newfie - No Price Tag On The Doors In Newfoundland - Island By The Sea - Newfoundland Waltz - Newfoundland That's What You Mean To Me - Daddy's Girl - We're Still Daddy's Girls - The Newfie Sheik - The Mighty Vikings Came To Newfoundland - Lady Of The Forest - Memories Of The Newfie Bullet - Did She Mention My Name - The Recycling Song - The Singing Newfoundlander - Sinking Of The Titanic - Back In '56 - Big Old Newfie Dog - Sweet Nellie - Ballad Of Walter Pigeon
This CD project is actually two CD's from the prolific Michael T. Wall, perhaps the best promoter Newfoundland has ever had.  This project is so massive I don't have time to listen to both CD's, the first one being about Newfoundland, the second one about Australia.  Michael writes about all of his experiences, this one to Australia is without a doubt his most sincere, and certainly his most rewarding.  So, expect to hear a lot about his Australia travels in his self-penned songs.  BUT, expect some remarkably good Gordon Lightfoot and Pops Stoneman too.  This project is indeed massive. The insert 'limited edition' is in itself massive.  It's so large you can hardly get it out of the CD cover.  It's really a rather nice 'history' of Michael T. Wall, a priceless collection of photos, letters, and highlights of this remarkable man's musical career.  Through it all he never wavered from his 'country music' sound.  He has drifted occasionally into 'folk' music, but all for the better.  He has 'never' wavered into what we now call contemporary country which has lost is way totally.  Not so for Michael T. Wall, he continues on his road of 'real' country music, from Newfoundland to Australia and back.  In all those photos and letters he included in this project you will even find myself and Michael in a photo taken in front of the Pioneer Music Museum in Anita, Iowa, where Michael is the first Newfoundlander inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  And, that's what this CD is all about, old-time country music at its best.  Gary Gale and Angus Kavanaugh both play button accordion giving the entire project a very nice and easy to listen to Newfoundland flavor.  There's also a lot of steel, Dobro, Lapp guitar, fiddle, harmonica (sometimes called mouth organ) and even harps.  Yes 'real' harps.  So, you can see this is a gargantuan undertaking.  All of the songs Michael wrote and sings are true reflections of his life, his life-style, and certainly his life-time.  His voice is a good as ever, maybe more poignant and sincere.  Erinwood Studios get credit for undertaking the undertaking of recording, mastering and re-mastering, and final mix.  Lovely job done all the way through.  It will take me a couple of days to listen to each and every song on both of these incredible CD's.  If you like unique, if you like creative, if you like 'real' country music, both of these CD's are for you. I already have some favorites, but more than anything I would like my own road to somehow make the trip to Newfoundland and join Michael T. Wall in a round of music playing and tasting and sharing the friendship of this wonderful spot on planet earth, where 'real' people and friends still exist.  I'm not sure what the Rural Roots Music Commission here in Iowa are planning, after listening to this incredibly huge project by Michael T. Wall, but it sounds like this collection of music might very well get their "International Ambassador of Music CD of the Year" award, which would be a 'first-time' experience.
Reviewer - Bob Everhart - www.ntcma.net

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