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Brinn Black - Just Get Mad

Brinn Black
Just Get Mad
Hit the Stage               3:32 Should’ve Been Us                     4:06 Just Get Mad    3:36
Where Have I Been All My Life        3:40 Powerless            3:51 Not That Girl                  3:19

As this album starts Hit the Stage begins to play. Truthfully, I only picked it because the title caught my mood. You see, I as well as everyone else, has that emotion in their body. The only difference between most others and me is that I’m not allowed to, or not medically supposed to get mad. The reason being, if I do there is a very good chance I’ll have a seizure due to a bad car accident that left me in a coma, with brain surgery necessary to keep me alive.
            Hit the Stage begins and instantly her voice appeals to me. It’s not what I expected by the title. The lyrics seem to really put me into her shoes. It must be difficult running the bar scene as a cowgirl in a cowboy scene. The song has that catchy melody but getting into the depths of it really makes you think.
            Should’ve Been Us has a piano that‘ll put anyone’s life under the microscope of retrospection. The guitar solo adds to it and places the imagery into a painting of an ex with church bells ringing in a small town marrying someone else as you look on  
            Okay, the song I’m waiting for. Finally someone can get mad for me. Just Get Mad, wait a minute. I thought it was just ‘Get Mad’. Is Brinn Black telling me to get mad? I really hope not. Let me press play and find out. It starts a bit mellow. Then her voice really picks it up, you can hear the build up to an almost yell. I can understand why it’s the title track. A listener can really get a idea of her range.
            Where Have I Been All My Life is another track that follows Just Get Mad in showcasing her vocal range. The electric guitar solos add an extra flare to the song. Lyrically, Powerless, follows the same theme. Which, a guy like me is really beginning to like. Someone better tell her I’m married.
            Not That Girl is a song I’m sure a whole lot of woman would like to make their own theme song. This singer really sounds like a true take-home-to mother type. I hope she actually believes in the words she’s singing. Maybe, I could have my wife fix her up with someone.
            Overall, I really was impressed by her vocal power, sweetness, and range. I didn’t do any research into her background, looks, or anything else, but if she is anything like the words coming from her I already feel like I’ve met her. I would say that this is an album to take a look at. 

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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