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Big Flood - Pain - Turkey Time - Only The Coyote - 30 Years At The Kum n Go - Patience, Perseverance, & Politics - Church Lady Pie  -Wanted Man - So Said Solomon
     I really like reviewing CD's that speak of real things.  Raldo Schneider is an Iowa country songwriter that writes about real things.  He draws his inspiration from things right around him.  "Big Flood" actually happened over in Eastern Iowa.  From the looks of things, probably not the last big flood in the farm state.  What with the incredible weather changes on our planet Earth, we're going to see a lot of this kind of activity in the not too distant future.  Raldo's solution is to go right to the next song on the CD..."Pain" which takes him to the bar-room, and drinking some Templeton-Rye.  You wouldn't know what that is, but it's a strictly Iowa produced whiskey, some say as smooth as silk, easier to drink then Kentucky Bourbon, and far easier when there's 'pain' setting in.  I wouldn't try buying a bottle of Templeton-Rye, they only make small batches at a time, therefore it's very very expensive.
     Raldo keeps his 'originals' right down the line, about his own experiences, his own music ringing in his head, his own very well played acoustic guitar.  He uses very good Iowa musicians to transform his ideas into really good musical presentations and stories.  John Stortz on rhythm & lead guitar and Dobro; Travis Smiley on bass; Marcy Schneider on fiddle & keyboard; Denyce Gallagher on fiddle; Dutch DeBoer on harmonica; Roger Miller on pedal steel; Dan Hummel on drums; Jovita Long on harmony.  They get together to record at Jealous Dog Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Al Eacret helped with the mix, and it is a delightful one, even the Jimmy Buffet sound on "Only The Coyote." 
     When Blake Shelton, the 'make-believe' country music star, proclaimed to the world his opinion that anyone who still likes a traditional country music sound is an old fart and a jackass, it would appear to me that he was writing his own obituary.  Raldo Schneider can not only out-sing Blake Shelton, he can out-write him, and he can out-class him.
     In most cases I would have to agree with Raldo, "30 Years At The Kum N Go" being an honest worker, is far better than being a phony Blake Shelton.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer


  1. I've been listening to Raldo play for a long time and he is definetly the real deal!!!

  2. Joe in Cedar FallsApril 20, 2016 at 9:52 PM

    I've said it for years: the greatest unknown songwriter that America has. Who ever missed the boat by not signing this guy earlier was/is a fool.