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PETER TRENHOLM - The Little Country Church

PETER TRENHOLM -The Little Country Church

Zion's Hill - Jesus Blazed The Trail - The Muddy Sea of Sin - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again - Heaven Holds All My Treasures - Passing Through - Medals for Mother - Thank You Lord - I Saw The Light - I Need The Prayers Of Those I Love - A Home In The Rock - The Old Country Church - Take Me In Your Lifeboat - The Little Country Church - Where The Roses Never Fade
       I never grow tired of listening to good old-time gospel music played using the ancient tones.  That's what Peter Trenholm does with his remarkably honest and beautiful voice.  This gentle man who makes his home in Nova Scotia, is a wonderful spokesman for our Lord Jesus Christ.  He lends not only the authenticity of a genuine desire to speak for the Lord, he is a genuine sharing person.  Therefore everything you hear him sing is a very real experience.  He knows that songs dedicated to Jesus in the past are just as important as songs being written today.  That's what makes this particular recording so authentic.  Peter uses old-time instruments as well, the best on the session an incredibly good old-time fiddler, backed equally well by an incredibly good mandolin picker.  Well, wouldn't you know it, both instruments were played by the very able Ray Legere.  Frank Doody plays banjo and Dobro (especially well done on "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again"); Terry Poirier on acoustic bass; and Peter himself on lead vocals along with lead and rhythm guitar.  What a nice blend of ancient tones instruments, played with the same passion and gift that so many have playing this kind of music.
     Very hard to pick any favorites on this extremely well done recording.  I personally know that Peter is a great fan of Hank Williams, Sr., and this shines through very well on both "Heaven Holds All My Treasures" and "I Saw The Light."  Peter also contributed two of his own originals "Passing Through" and "The Little Country Church" both of which I enjoyed very much.  Very good use of the fiddle and mandolin on both.
      It was very easy for me to listen to every song on this nicely produced CD.  Old time Gospel music never sounded better.  Highly recommended for those who still aren't sure.
Bob Everhart - Reviewer

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