MARK BRINE - Folkabilly BlueZgrass

MARK BRINE - Folkabilly BlueZgrass
Why I Yodel - Factory Blues - Hey Lil' Girl - Who's Been Diggin' (The Garden Blues) - Springtime, Tennessee - Momma's Tears - IN Between The Raindrops - Somethin' To Cry About - Kid At Heart - Those Lonesome Whistles - Willie (Can You Hear Me?) - Banjo Ringin' - That Old Screendoor Song - The Picture That My Daddy Drew
     Here's a remarkable old-time singer that's been around awhile, but still looks like a young dude.  He goes all the way back to performing with Hank Snow on the Grand Ole Opry, and here he is, still creating, writing, producing, singing, and especially 'YODELING' his way through a remarkable old-time hillbilly kind of blue-billy folk grass blue grass kind of music presentation.
     You have to listen to more than one song by Mark Brine to really understand what he's all about.  Yes, one song is not enough, you have to hear more than one.   All of these songs are creations, self-written by Mark Brine, and that's what's so remarkable about this recording artist, he brings incredible originality to every song he presents here, and every one of them has a very 'different' approach and sound incorporated into each and every one of them.
     I really like "Hey Lil' Girl' because of the up-tempo blues sound he creates, and at the same time puts forth a tongue in cheek hint that if this works for her, it sure works for him.  Mark is one very gifted guitarist, and he makes the instrument do what he wants it to, that being lay the background chords down so that other musicians can easily follow. And, he put some exciting gifted musicians working with him.  Tim Roper on violin and fiddle.  I'm sure it's the same instrument, it's just how and what he's playing on it that might make a difference.  Dock Murdock on Dobro with an old timey style sure to make you want to listen to more.  Gary Richard on electric stand-up bass which almost sounds acoustic to me, so that means it's in the right place at the right time at the right level.
     It's Mark Brine's voice that you will remember most of all.  He is all and totally unique.  He don't mind yodeling, especially if it 'benefits' the song, and the first three songs on this CD demonstrate that quite well.  Other songs you still hear him switch to a little falsetto but not quite a yodel, same kind of voice manipulation Michael Nesmith used in some of his best country songs.  That's kind of who Mark Brine reminds me of, a really country Michael Nesmith. Who's Michael Nesmith you say.  Oh, you'll find out, but hopefully you'll go find this Mark Brine CD somewhere and then pursue that.
     In all my many tours performing in Europe, where they constantly look for the unique, the extraordinary, the original, I would hope those producers and promoters that still function in that realm of appreciation would find a way to not only listen to this remarkable creative person, but find a way to share him with their audiences in Europe. 'I'm walking walking in between the raindrops waiting for a sunny day.'  UhHuh, don't you wish you could have written that?
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

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