DONNA CUNNINGHAM “Don’t Tell Me That Your Gone”


Donna’s new single, “Don’t Tell Me That Your Gone,” is by far the best record that she has ever recorded.  As you listen to her sing her heart out about the man she loves, begging him not to leave, she will make you a believer in every word and thought she sings. They say there is a song for every singer and that when they find that song, it is a lifelong marriage for both, and it will be their signature song forever.  Donna has found that song.  She will make every man wish he were that man, and every woman know exactly what she is singing about. 

Donna Cunningham has given her heart and soul to this song, and I promise you that when you are through listening, you will know why every artist tries to find that one song that will forever associate their name with that one song. 

“Don’t Tell Me That Your Gone” has found its’ home, in the heart of Donna Cunningham, and there it will live for eternity.  Now you the DJ’s will hopefully give life to this song with your airplay.

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