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Foggy Mountain Special A Bluegrass Tribute to Earl Scruggs

Foggy Mountain Special - A Bluegrass Tribute to Earl Scruggs
Various Artists

Rounder 11661-0638-2

Tom Adams, Ron Block, J.D. Crowe, Charlie Cushman, Kenny Ingram, Jim Mills, Joe Mullins, Larry Perkins, Craig Smith, Ron Stewart, David Talbot, Tony Trischka

Earl Scruggs almost singlehandedly invented and popularized the rolling, three-finger banjo technique ("Scruggs style") that has become the signature sound of bluegrass. Over the period of a couple of years, many of the best banjo players in bluegrass convened in Nashville to record this tribute to Earl Scruggs. Now, with his recent passing, this collection of never-before-released material has become a memorial album as well, for his pervasive influence can be heard on every track. Bluegrass banjo doesn't get much better than this.

1. Flint Hill Special  2:23
2. Reuben  3:43
3. Foggy Mountain Special  2:53
4. Randy Lynn Rag  2:05
5. Sally Goodin  2:21
6. Pike County Breakdown  2:42
7. Foggy Mountain Rock  3:22
8. Nashville Skyline Rag  2:15
Foggy M9. Earl’s Breakdown  2:38
10. Steel Guitar Rag  3:26
11. Ground Speed  2:13
12. Foggy Mountain Breakdown  3:06

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