Carrie Underwood is ‘Blown Away’ on Billboard Cover

Carrie Underwood is literally getting ‘Blown Away’ on the cover of Billboard magazine. I guess, that’s the clever way to discuss her upcoming album of the same name. This is the first new music from Carrie in a while, and she’s certain fans will think the wait was worth it.
“I’ve taken all of my albums into as many different directions as possible, while still keeping them coherent. This is just a whole new level of that. I really do think there’s something for everyone.”
Carrie wasn’t taking a conscious break from music, but she insists she was just living her life. Married to hockey husband Mike Fisher, Carrie was simply living her life and gaining inspiration.
“It seems like people have an album out every year and they are on a ‘perma-tour’ is what I call it. They tour permanently, all the time. I think I just made that word up,” she says with a smile. “They live on tour and when they aren’t on tour, they are making an album. To me, if you have no life in between albums, you have nothing to write about . . . I have to live.”

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