CD Review: Donnie Poindexter - Cowboy Life - by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Donnie Poindexter
Cowboy Life

Another Day 3:28 Goodnight Loving Trail 2:50 Rose of San Joaquin 2:57 Cowboy Life 3:21
Makes me Want to Dance 2:13 Just Can’t See Him from the Road 3:10 All this Way for the Short Ride 2:35
Dust Bowl Days 4:11 Senora’s Death Row 3:43 Coyotes 3:32 Poncho and Lefty 4:16 Buffalo Grass 3:49

“Another Day,” opens the album up with an amazing acoustic riff. The chord progression and melody it lays atop really caught me off guard. I had been hesitant to listen to this album, mainly because of his name. I was wrong. His smooth vocals just meld with the jam while the lyrics to this song were incredibly impressive. They bring you into an old ‘western’ story and perfectly paint a picture to keep your ears entertained. He is definitely a great lyricist and this song only made me want to keep listening and give this album the attention it deserves.
The song, “Rose of San Joaquin,” really piqued my interest. It starts out with a banjo that really sets the desert mood. It has a strong bassline with at least two overlaid banjo tracks. Just listening to the banjos and bass, you can almost visualize the cacti and tumbleweeds that roll on by. The vocals that kick-in lyrically almost place you on the Mexican border. So far, Donnie Poindexter’s voice really adapts to each track placing you in the story that each song portrays.
“Dust Bowl Days,” is a track that really focuses on the lyrics. The guitar is a very simple riff, almost a very basic melody. But this track really displays the lyrical ability of Donnie. It also shows off the ‘western’ or prairie sound. It takes you out into the dustbowl with the whipping wind.
The final song on this album, “Buffalo Grass,” I was interested in just to find out the meaning of it. This is the kind of song you can just picture sitting out on the prairie at a nice fire under the stars. It almost makes you feel like you are there just sitting there with him in a personal setting where he is telling you about the buffalo and how he used to venture out just to feel the peace away from the big city.
Now, I can understand why this album was up for so many awards. The production, the vocals, the lyrics, the guitar, the banjo and the fact that each song brings you to a different place.
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then this album is worth a thousand pictures.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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  1. Thank you Jeremy for your nicely penned write on the 'Cowboy Life'. It gives us a much needed peek into the album if I were to be a potential buyer.