Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show is supporting Nashville

Country Music News International, one of Europe’s biggest online country music magazines is supporting Nashville businesses with the greatest offer in their history.

Country Music News International was created in 2011 by Christian Lamitschka
and started as an online magazine.  It has since expanded into online and on-the-air FM radio shows in English and German.  Four years ago, it expanded coverage to all genres of music.
Christian Lamitschka publisher and editor of CMNI stated:

Here at Country Music News International we believe in the Lord and
Country Music. During this difficult time we have to stand together.
Almost everyone in the business is being impacted financially. In order
to help Nashville keep business moving forward, we are making an
unprecedented offer. Pay for the first month and get the next 11 months
free. It’s simple. The monthly plan is $250. Pay for the first month and
the rest of the year, the next 11 months are free! This includes a
banner linking back to your website and you will also be listed as a
sponsor in our weekly newsletter. To take advantage of this offer please
email and we’ll start
working for you right away.

Facts about Country Music News International:
Readers since February 2011: 3,226,776 (December 29. 2019)
Readers in 2019: 418,572 (December 29. 2019)
Readers Top 10 Country since February 2011 : USA 1,602,131 Germany 434,235 UK 132,506 Russia 128,077 France 113,373 Canada 70,428 Ukraine 41,667 China 24,669 Brazil 20,673 Unknown Region 19,594 (December 29. 2019)

Twitter Followers: 1,334 (December 29. 2019) 
CMNI on Facebook Followers: 4,978 (December 29. 2019)  
CMNI Radio Show on Facebook Followers: 2,408 (December 29. 2019)
CMNI Magazine on Facebook Followers: 819 (December 29. 2019) 
CMNI Artist, Event & Sponsor News FB Group Members: 1,129 (December 29. 2019)
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CMNI Radio Show TOP10 FB Group Members: 1,018 (December 29. 2019)
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CMNI FB Group Members: 3,647 (December 29. 2019)
Youtube Visits: 427.190 (December 29. 2019) 
LinkedIn Followers: 3,141 (December 29. 2019)

CMNI LinkedIn Group Members: 431 (December 29. 2019)
Xing Followers: 34 (December 29. 2019)
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