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1. Flat Made Round 2.Traveler Too 3. Bird Or A Fish 4. Incendiary Kid 4. Summertime Woman 5. Maybe Tomorrow 6. My America 7. Song Of The West 8. Making A Killing 9. Dance Toward The Light

Dana Cooper is a troubadour for sure.  He's kicked around, written, shared music and brightened this planet for years.  And now, he releases his latest set of recordings, Incendiary Kid.

His lyrics are honest and true.  His lyrics are rough and down and dirty. His lyrics heal.

His melodies are memorable.  His melodies are incendiary, indeed.

This record is a beacon.  A shining North Star.  If you're looking for a brief respite from this crazy spinning circus of world and a unique lyrical and musical spin from the mind of a real songwriter, this record is for you. (If not, may I politely invite you to step off.)

One track, Summertime Woman, really speaks to me.  The lilting track motors along adding tension and release and pushes and pulls the lyric.  Bravo!

And then there's My America.  To put it mildly, America is an interesting place to live these days.  Division. Strife. Love. Hate. Dana shines a spotlight on all of this and more and our "bare feet." As an artist, Dana knows the power of a song.  He knows a song can ignite protest and encourage change.  My hope is that you share the underlying optimism I feel from this song. "My America, beguiled and brave." Indeed.

I also recommend the shuffling and, yes, incendiary "Making A Killing."

And Dana, thank you.  Thank you for "Dance Toward The Light." "Let love surround you...Irene, goodnight..."

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