Story behind the song: Cody Wayne is “Remembering the Lost Ones” - By Preshias Harris for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Cody Wayne is “Remembering the Lost Ones”

The hardest song I’ve ever written,” says Wayne

By Preshias Harris for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Cody Wayne is hard-driving, high-energy entertainer whose live shows make him a candidate to be the poster boy for Texas Country. With songs such as “Makin’ Love In The Moonlight,” “Footprints On My Windshield,” “Take Me Drunk,” “Fly High” and “Addicted,” Wayne is a mainstay on the Texas Regional Radio Report.

Audiences at his shows might not know that the big fella bounding around the stage is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps but it’s safe to say that Wayne will never forget. Recently, he released “Remember the Lost Ones,” that he considers to be his most personal song to date. The lyrics take him back to his time serving in Iraq and pay homage to those who served, particularly those who never came back.

Wayne took the opportunity to connect the song with the nation’s remembrance on Veteran’s Day by releasing a deeply touching video of “Remembering the Lost Ones” on November 11, 2019. Check out the poignant video here:

Wayne has pledged 100% of the digital sales to the Boot Campaign, a non-profit organization based in Texas that provides life-improving programs for veterans and military families nationwide. Since its inception in 2009, the BOOT CAMPAIGN blazed a trail in the nonprofit world, raising more than $20 million and giving more than $2 million annually to help service members, veterans and their families from every generation. More information about the organization at

Speaking of how “Remember the Lost Ones” affected him, Wayne said it was emotional but also uplifting at the same time, transporting him back to his time in the service. “All of a sudden, with my eyes focused on my reflection, it all hit me,” he recalled. “I saw it all again, I smelled it. I could hear the drill sergeant yelling, I could hear the Humvee, hear the radio going off, could smell the air in Iraq. This rush of emotion just came over me. It is very gratifying knowing that this will help bring recognition and appreciation to veterans and service members.”

“Remember the Lost Ones” is taken from Wayne’s current album, Bad Influence. To read more about Cody Wayne and his music or to check out his road warrior tour dates crisscrossing Texas visit

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