Mrs. Henry Captures Their Cosmic Roots Sound On 'Live At The Casbah'

Right on the heels of their last large scale concept, Mrs. Henry Presents The Last Waltz, the band is back with a new 5-song record, honoring the legendary San Diego Nightclub, The Casbah.  Knowing it would be a very special night the band captured their live performance on the club’s 30th anniversary celebration. “The Casbah is a magic place,” explains guitarist, Dan Cervantes.  “You can feel the energy in the walls from all the bands that have spilled their guts on stage. Melvins to The White Stripes, Charles Bradley to The Alabama Shakes.” The album will release January 24th, 2020—a year from the date it was recorded.

Mrs. Henry has been described as “Nitro soul, cosmic rock n’ roll”.  Congregating a cult following, the band has earned an unrivaled reputation atop their already well-established individual credits (Howlin’ Rain, The Schizophonics, The Silent Comedy). Formed in 2012 the band is comprised of Jody Bagley (keyboards, vocals), Dan Cervantes (guitar, vocals), Blake Dean (bass, vocals), and Chad Lee (drums).

The band is known for their live shows playing anywhere from a 40 minute set to 3 hours plus. They can be an explosive tornado one moment to a delicate whisper the next, while exploring the dynamics of everything in between. They can mesmerize their audience and never give the same show twice. Live at the Casbah perfectly captures their cosmic roots sound and creates a snapshot of the band doing what it does best. 

Mrs. Henry has released 3 studio albums, (Otay, Mrs. Henry Vol. I, Mrs. Henry Vol. II), a live album (Mrs. Henry Presents The Last Waltz), making Live at the Casbah their second official live release and 5th album. The band also made a 40-minute documentary on the making of their re-creation of The Last Waltz, which was shown at the Oceanside Film Festival. The band always lets the night dictate what will happen during their live shows.  Songs on Live at the Casbah vary slightly from the original recordings, mostly expanded for improvisation. 

Kicking it off with “All I Can Do”, the energy is there from the downbeat. The song was originally recorded right after the band’s first tour together in 2015.  “The song is a juxtaposition of life altering events, near death experiences and the helplessness in those moments,” Cervantes notes. “We’ve been stuck in the middle of a raging flash flood on a desert highway and have been stalked by a biker playing chicken on the road at 3 a.m. Sometimes the circumstances around you are out of your control and so you do your best and that’s about all you can do.”

“Peace” is one of band’s favorite songs to play live.  The song is actually a part of a bigger piece that will be featured on their next studio release called, Feel Free.  The ending has the classic rock n’ roll boogie with the piano romping and classic chords to solo over.  “Lovin’ You Baby” is a cover of funk and soul artist Charles Bradley and a song the band aims to play at every live show. Featuring Jody Bagley on vocals with a voice that fills the room and a talent that is easily recognized as he sings the first note.

On “Where Are We Going” the band unleashes their inner Deep Purple with the organ cranked, guitar and bass soaring and the drums pummeling away. Side Note: This is a truncated version of the song, the whole epic can be found as the entire closing side of Mrs. Henry Vol. II. 

“The River was written and recorded after Mrs. Henry took on The Last Waltz concert, taking a nod from The Band’s craft of song.  “We worked on each section spreading the vocal duties together with each member taking the lead at times,” Cervantes notes.  “It’s got all the flows, banks, rapids and raging waterfalls of a river journey the band has been on.”

There’s a continuous thread throughout Mrs. Henry’s music of brotherhood.  The ethos that life is much better lived as a tribe than alone.  “I’d describe our music as an experience,” voices Cervantes. “When we play live we give an offering to who ever is in the audience and to each other. This band came together with a sensation of happening and purpose, no coincidence.  All the music we make feels like it’s been there waiting for us to make it. As our drummer, Chad Lee says, ‘It’s already been written, we just need to do it.’”

For Mrs. Henry that means a lot more music coming out, a new studio record in the works and plenty more live shows on the horizon. 

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