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CD / Song Review: Brinn Black - 72’s - by Preshias Harris for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Single by Brinn Black
Song review by Preshias Harris for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Brinn Black’s new single is addictive, in more ways than one. In the lyrics, she’s wishing the guy could want her as much as he wants his 72s. The title, “72’s,” refers to a brand of cigarettes known as Marlboro Blue 72s.

The song opens with the sound of a cigarette lighter flicking open and Brinn’s breathy, wistful vocals over acoustic guitar and fiddle as she sings: “You press it to your lips like it’s your last /
light it up and take another drag / when I see the way you’re holding it / I kinda wish that cigarette was me.”

Brinn kicks it up a notch as the chorus piles on the power until it’s smokin’ hot with guitar and drums emphasizing her mix of longing and frustration about the guy’s obsession with his cigarettes instead of her.

The lyrics are both emotive and witty (think: “Girl Crush”) as she wishes she could replace that cigarette pressed against his lips, because, as she says, “I’d go better with that whiskey in your glass.”

The inspiration for the song came from an on-and-off relationship that Brinn had with a guy who smoked Marlboro Blue 72s, and as someone who had never smoked a cigarette, she couldn't understand what the appeal was. During a writing session with co-writers Brittany Kennell and Briana Tyson, she threw out the idea and they had both had similar experiences. The result: “72’s.”

Already an experienced singer and songwriter, Brinn moved to Nashville at the age of 18, and has opened for Ronnie Dunn, Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, Little Big Town, Montgomery Gentry,Gretchen Wilson, LoCash, Dustin Lynch, Sammy Kershaw and Lady Antebellum among others.

“72’s” is a fine showcase for Brinn Black’s distinctive voice and sharp songwriting talent. Both the song and Brinn are addictive.

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Headshot photo credit: Brandon Clay

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