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CD Review: Christian Davis - The Big Picture - by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

The Big Picture
Can't Look Down - Working Man Like You - The Simple Things - While Was Away - Rosine I Cry - It's Gonna Be A Good Day - The Distance Between - He Prayed Again - Hands Of A Working Man - Singin' Momma To Sleep - The Big Picture

For a guy who just likes to hear good music, so long as it's truthful, honest, from the heart, acoustic in nature, and done well, I've just received a CD that accomplishes all of that.....and more.  Christian Davis was the bass singer for Daily & Vincent for over five years, so he's already had a pretty long connect to 'real' music performed for 'real' people.  Why do I say that?  Because so much of what Americans see and hear today is plastic-produced.  We can watch television shows with no humor at all in the script, but the canned laughter makes the whole thing phony.  It's the same in the music world.  "Country" music is no longer 'country' simply because 'country' musicians no longer play or record 'country music.  Bluegrass music is another genre going through a 'growing' experience.  Christian Davis has one of the best 'singular' bass voices I've heard in a very long time.  There's some 'Bluegrass' on this album.  There's some 'country' on this album.  There's some Southern Gospel on this album.  Christian Davis is searching, and his search is right now, with this album, with his heart dedicated to Jesus Christ, he is about to step out on the stage that has his name on it.  He's been on that stage for quite awhile, but now he's going to make that 'big' step, joining Christ as He lends a helping hand up those few small steps.  This album is that first small step.  It's remarkably well done.  I have long admired the Dobro work of Rob Ickes, and he certainly does each and every song he plays on this album true justice to 'match' and 'guide' the bass voice of Christian Davis.  Christian has sang with lots of artists in traditional and classic country music.  He's also sung with the 'big ones' in bluegrass.  However when Rhonda Vincent joins him on "Rosine I Cry" Christian is on his 'right' and 'righteous' track.  That song written by Michael Monroe Goodman is the epitome of what 'history' means in 'real' music, and it also means what is important to all of us who 'love'  this kind of music.  Remember what I said when I started this review....truthful, honest, from the heart, acoustic in nature, and done well?  This is all accurate, except 'done well' should probably be 'done to the very cutting edge' of all those previous descriptive words.  Rhonda Vincent is a long-time friend of mine, she was inducted into the National Traditional Country Music's "Hall of Fame" some years ago.  This is where she was 'crowned' the "Queen of Bluegrass" tiara and all.  It is such a pleasant experience to hear this young man Christian Davis joining in that very unique and incredibly gifted family of musical expression that continues to keep his music 'real' for 'real' people.  Off this CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission who will also enjoy this enlightening 'creative' enjoyable experience. www.music-savers.com  
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Assn. for Country Music News International

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