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CD Review: Hilary Scott - Don't Call Me Angel - by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Hilary Scott
Don't Call Me Angel
Don't Call Me Angel - Not Used To Being Used To - You Will Be Mine - Make It Right - Heartless - Unlove Story - Moon And Back - In Time - Kiss - Here I Am

Love the introducing acoustic guitar sound on this terrific CD.  Hilary has that kind of Emmylou Harris voice that has the vibrato just right as she presents songs she has written.  Sometimes older folks try, but do not understand, what young folks are talking about these days, but Hilary speaks with words of total understanding.  I believe it's Johnny Lee Schell that picks the interesting sounding acoustic instrument in the background of the first song.  He also plays cigar box mandolin which I find very interesting, and a sure-shot on Hilary's desire to get the 'sound' that she wants.  Hilary also plays acoustic guitar, and she also adds the ukulele to her music, and even adds another ukulele by Josh Schilling, who also plays bass and electric guitar.  Still, it's the 'song' that is most impressive, and like the entire history of music, without the song the best singer in the world will not prevail.  Hilary Scott prevails on this very very interesting and easy to listen to production.  Other instruments include A.J. Gennaro (Hilary's husband) on drums, and Mike Finnigan on Hammond B-3 organ. Anybody who has ever worked with 'organ' knows what that is, and it's the 'best' organ sound available to many of us who play music. It's that kind of 'traditional' sound that makes this CD stand out so strongly to me.  "Make It Right" features this Hammond Organ sound at its best.  It's a pleasure to listen to something unique but still incredibly professional in everything that's happening in the studio during the 'take.'  I also like the 'harmony' parts.  It's a little different than what I hear as 'normal.'  Hilary goes past the norm, and rivets on some 'self harmonizing' as well as other voices occasionally that really sets off the total sound we're listening too.  Electric guitar solos are also very well done, and 'fit' the song really well.  Still, it's the voice of Hilary Scott that we are listening to.  She's very convincing in what she is saying viz-a-viz a lovely singing voice.  My expertise is with traditional and classic country music, however when I was younger, I had a backing band similar to what I'm hearing behind Hilary's lovely voice.  That's a 'memory' trip for me, what a pleasant one it is.  Young people tend to lean with a listening ear to the loudest, the best screamer, the most outrageous lyrics, the most anti-establishment.  Hilary doesn't do this.  She relies on 'feelings' and a 'sincere desire' to present that in the most honest way she can, and that is astonishingly good.  Thank you so much for sharing your music with me Hilary.  I don't believe you will wind up performing with a loud rock band, but you certainly will rise above that to a distinguished and certainly a musical appreciative audience.  I can best close my review with a statement from your publicity sheet... "Hilary uses her voice and her sense of hope, humor, and a lot of soul, to shine a light on the beauty found in humanism in each and every track."
www.music-savers.com REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President of the National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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