Guitarist Jonathon Long picked his beloved hometown of Baton Rouge for a Live Album Recording, happening Friday, January 18, at Phil Brady's Blues Club, 4848 Government St. 8pm. Free. Info: (225) 927-3786 or visit

  Accompanying Long on this special night: Star blues guitarist Samantha Fish, who is not only producing the live album, but will certainly join him onstage that night for a song or two! Fish previously produced and released Long's well-received 2018 album, Jonathon Long, on her Wild Heart Records label, as she will be doing for this live recording. 

   2019 starts on a blazing note for the talented musician, with Long nominated for three Offbeat Magazine 'Best Of The Beat' Music Awards: "Best Blues Artist," "Best Guitarist," and "Best Blues Album." Vote here (voting ends January 15).  This coming August, Jonathon performs as part of a star-studded "Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea" Mediterranean Cruise with Joe Bonamossa, Peter Frampton, and others in Barcelona, Spain.  
  Long's new video "Pray For Me" was recently exclusively premiered by Vintage Guitar Magazine. As their Video Of The Week, Rock And Blues Muse writes, "With a distinct blues-rock vibe, Long integrates interesting chord changes and scorching vocals. Don’t miss the brief acoustic, stripped down part of the song at the tail end of the track. It’s beautiful."

                                                  Jonathon Long...Some Background
  What would the music world be like if we lost the innovators, the musical risk seekers, musicians that change the game and lift the bar higher & higher? Jonathon Long is just that. There is nothing stagnate about the Baton Rouge, LA-based musician's art. The guitar pours just as effortlessly as the soul of his voice and the depth of his lyrics throughout his new recording. On this self-titled release Jonathon covers the Soul Blues/Rock spectrum. You get the burning guitar and pristine vocals - eleven songs qualifying him as one of the most prolific writers on the scene. “Immediately I felt the songs cut straight to your soul with a fiery command of the guitar that left everyone's jaws on the floor,” says producer, Samantha Fish.

 The opening song “Bury Me” delivers a message of being remembered for your actions. Long holds nothing back. It is fire and brimstone, thunder and lightning from start to finish, setting the pace for the rest of the album. When it comes to guitar, Jonathon is a brawler but on "The Light" he delivers delicately with  layers that evoke serious emotion, bringing out the spiritual guide in Long. Showing his chops aren’t only meant for electric guitar; indeed, as a vocalist he can compete with legendary crooners.

  Samantha Fish lays guitar down on the album's opening track "Pray For Me" and again hitting a home run sonic-ally on the Al Green-ish "That's When I Knew." While it's Long's soulful style that remains the star in each song, Fish adds an atmosphere and pulsating back drop, taking the songs to their highest level. Jonathon and Samantha trade verses on "The River", the only cover song on the recording. On the haunting Kenny Tudrick (Kid Rock, Detroit Cobras) song "The River," both Samantha and Jonathon's guitars together build an intensity that pushes the desperation of the lyrics to the forefront, while creating the perfect background as this broken love story twists and turns from mellow to turbulent.

 On the closing track, Long doesn’t allow you forget that he's a guitar player’s guitar player, turning it up for the blues-y track, “Pray For Me.”  He turns up the acrobatics while maintaining steady control like a master of Southern Blues Rock.

  Jonathon Long delivers eleven great songs creating a joyful musical journey for any fan of Blues Rock, Classic Rock, or burning guitar. If you’ve seen him perform live you already know this; if you haven’t, get hip and don’t miss it. Long will be touring the U.S. throughout 2019.

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