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Ronnie McDowell Debuts New Video Worldwide

Singer/songwriter Ronnie McDowell debuts his new music video, "Bring Back Rock and Roll," this week on the popular television show, Country Classics. McDowell is hosting the show over the next four weeks, sharing stories along with
his latest news while bringing videos to country music fans.

Ronnie McDowell's new video is for the first single off of his upcoming album, "The Studio Chronicles." "Bring Back Rock and Roll" features McDowell with the legendary Bill Medley (The Righteous Brothers) and hitmaker Billy Swan ("I Can Help"), as well as entrepreneur Steve Geppi who sparked the idea for the song. "We were in Vegas and only heard constant loud music with no melody. That is when Steve said, 'We need to bring back rock and roll.' And I knew immediately we had a song," remembers McDowell.

The melody is reminiscent of the 50's rock and roll sounds that 'stirred the soul.' Footage of rockers Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly is scattered between studio recording takes.

Ronnie McDowell also introduces videos from other country music legends during the episodes. Fans can tune in on Heartland, The Family Channel, Angel Two Network, The Country Network, Keep It Country, Country Tv and various networks the weeks of August 20th, August 27th, September 3rd and September 10th. Check local listing for day and time.

*For more information on Ronnie McDowell and his tour schedule, please visit, www.ronniemcdowell.com.

About Ronnie McDowell:  Ronnie McDowell entertains audiences worldwide with his own blend of romantic intimacy and country excitement! Ronnie McDowell charted a string of hit singles between 1979 and 1986... “Older Women”... “You’re Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation”... “Watchin Girls Go By” ...and “In A New York Minute.” The hit maker charted 19 top ten hits. The Vietnam Veteran's admiration for Elvis led to McDowell singing 36 songs on the soundtrack “Elvis,” the Dick Clark-produced television movie that featured Kurt Russell as the performer. He also was the singing voice for the television movie “Elvis And Me”, the ABC television series about the early years of Elvis’ career titled simply “Elvis” as well as, the 1997 Showtime special “Elvis Meets Nixon.” McDowell is a true artist and his creativity has expanded to original paintings for Walt Disney along with painting of some of pop culture's biggest celebrities from Elvis to Dolly Parton to Clark Gable.HIs artwork and music cross paths in his new television show, Painting America. McDowell has also recorded a patriotic song with the Oak Ridge Boys, "Make America Great Again," for a Curb Records compilation. And McDowell is currently recording an EP for Curb Records which includes two songs recorded with Bill Medley (The Righteous Brothers) and Billy Swan ("I Can Help").

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