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New Single: LEYYA - Wannabe

LEYYA are getting into the race for the summer hit 2018 with "Wannabe"! Check it out!
LEYYA’s latest single “Wannabe” kicks off with delicate atmospheres and Sophie’s unwinding, yet lively vocal delivery against playfully agile beats and bubbling synthesizers before erupting into high-spirited animation, and ocean-deep self reflection. Repeating the decorative phrase, “I wanna be like you wanna be like me”, we dive into the minds and psyche of the duo’s ability to spark and astonish.

Leyya says, “After releasing our Second Album ‘Sauna‘ we tried to avoid the Post-Release-down with being creative and writing new music straight away. The song is circling around a problem almost everyone can relate to: Wanting to be like somebody else. Ironically – we find - its often also the other way around.“

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