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CD Review: Sheila Marie - Country All the Way Around - by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Country All The Way Around
Daddy's Hands - She Broke Her Promise - Beneath The Painted Sky - The Box It Came In - The Man Who Made Momma Cry - Could I Have This Dance - I'm Getting Over The Storm - Just Because I'm A Woman - Momma Spank - The Right Combination

This incredibly good CD was given to me at the Wahoo, Nebraska, Country Music Festival.  Bobby Darren was one of the featured acts at that festival, and turned in one of his better 'live' performances the entire weekend.  Sheila Marie accompanies him on the road and in the studio.  One of the things I do not understand about the savage 'take-over' of the word 'country' in the music world today is.....do the perpetrators of the drastic change in the entire genre really expect that the performers, writers, musicians, that still play 'real' country music will just go away?  Why should they?  They're still playing and performing and recording 'real' country music.  Bobby Darren is a perfect example of a polished and successful 'country' music performer and recording artist.  So is Sheila Marie.  Do you want to hear sincerity in a vocalists voice?  That's not available in 'urban-country' but it sure is in 'country-country' and you can hear it in every song on this album by Sheila Marie.  The selection of material on this project must have had a lot of influence by Sheila Marie.  She picked them well, because the fantastic musicianship of Bobby Darren shines brilliantly through on every one of them.  He's backing Sheila Marie on every one of them to fulfill the promise of the 'real-deal' of significant country music.  I've personally been involved in country music as a performer and recording artist since I was 12-years old, some 70-years ago.  It is my personal opinion that 'country' music, not 'urban-country' music will in the end prevail in America, and the rest of the world too.  Whoever wants to hear the 'real' deal will eventually find it, somehow, somewhere.  The 'business' of music has cut off one of the hands of 'real' country music, but we'll continue to play it, write it, perform it, record it, even if we are missing a hand.  We'll find a way, and the best way of all is with our Lord Jesus Christ, who stands right beside these very gifted 'country' artists like Bobby Darren and Sheila Marie, and will definitely return the 'hand' we might have been missing for a few seconds.  "Business" and "Progress" will have it's way, but in a very sorrowful way.  The dismissal of an entire genre of music will eventually be a high price for them to pay.  You'll see.  Seven times the cost of the original.  It's happening right now.  Off this incredible CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their appraisal.  That group came from some 'real' country music people who became completely disgusted with music called 'country' today.  
www.music-savers.com  RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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  1. Great article. Well written and totally the truth. Sheila Marie is an outstanding artist with a truly BEAUTIFUL voice, and a great love for old country music. And, the same can be said for Bobby Darren. He is my favorite artist of the time, and he'll never turn his back on the best country there ever was.