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CD Review: Kid Rock - Sweet Southern Sugar Clean - by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Kid Rock
Sweet Southern Sugar Clean
Greatest Show on Earth Clean   3:55 Po-Dunk Clean 3:52 Tennessee Mountain Top Clean 4:34
I Wonder 3:18 American Rock ‘n Roll 4:35 Back to the Other Side Clean 4:51 Raining Whiskey 3:59
Stand the Pain 4:44 Sugar Pie Honey Bunch 4:11 Grandpa’s Jam Clean 4:14

This was not a very smart move by Kid Rock. He should’ve used his real name or created a band and used that name. The reason, I believe, is that just by using that moniker he has turned off a large portion of potential fans. I’m one of them that already has a predisposition. I always thought he was a tool. If this album was supposed to be country instead of whatever you want to describe his first one as. Anyway, I’ll try my best to critique this album fairly.
Okay, Greatest Show on Earth Clean, sounds a lot like Kid Rock. This song really isn’t much difference from what you would expect from his previous albums. It begins fairly mellow, like one of those meditation albums until the drums and guitar come in. It’s a heavy drumbeat, power chords, and when he begins to sing it sounds like some sort of glam band. I don’t know that’s my opinion, and I already disclosed that I was biased against this album.
Po Dunk Clean, is another rough almost metal tune. Maybe this is that “new country” that I’m always hearing about. You know the one that everyone states, “I’m not into that new country.” So far, I must say the production is really good. The sound just doesn’t really connect with me.
Okay now, Tennessee Mountain Clean, sounds a lot more my style. The lyrics are more a bit out of touch with the regular listener. He’s singing about Johnny Dep and Keith Richards. The chorus and bridge are nice. This song actually musically had a great sound and rhythm to it. And, he did pull of the chorus lyrically to put it together, so I really have no problem with this one.
American Rock ‘n Roll, is a good song. He really hits the right tone and lyrically it is well composed. This, so far, is the best song I’ve listened to from this album. It has a really sweet guitar solo. The bridge, the chorus, the melody and harmony work together perfectly. I could see this as a chart topper for him. This song should generate a lot of radio play. It may help shrug off that reputation.
Back to the Other Side Clean, begins with a really nice acoustic, and the chorus is really good, the male singers really harmonize well. But, having the song as a rap really takes away points for me.  Raining Whiskey, is lyrically a nice sad ballad.
This album has some really strong points: Raining Whiskey, Tennessee Mountain Clean, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and its congas, but then there are some really awful songs like Grandpa’s Clean. It’s kind of all over the place and really hasn’t figured out what kind of album it should be. I mean did he just get confused and say I want to make a metal album, no I mean country, no wait I mean rap.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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