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Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show Newsletter May 1. 2018

Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show Newsletter May 1. 2018

Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News International Magazine http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.com . Your Country Music News is supported by American Express, Booking.com, Billiger-Mietwagen.de, Nashville Convention Center & Visitors Bureau, Tennessee Tourism, Eileen Carey​, Jaehl​, Coreopsis Publications LLC, Gestüt St. Georg Kilianstädten​, Versicherungsmakler Jacob​, Il Sorriso Cocktail Lounge Bar​, The Independent Music Show"​, USA Songwriting Competition​, Unsigned Only, Pyramid Sun Sonnenstudio, Kriz Rogers, Stella Tabelon ...

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Country Music News:

Jonalee White on Country Music News International Radio Show May 2. + 4. + 5. + 6. interviewed by #ChristianLamitschka http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2018/04/jonalee-white-on-country-music-news.html

Williams Honor - Opening For Neighborhood Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2018/05/williams-honor-opening-for-neighborhood.html

Dakota Danielle Releases Acoustic Video for Debut Single "One Church" http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2018/05/dakota-danielle-releases-acoustic-video.html

CD Review: "Hurricane" Mike Thompson - Voices From Other Rooms http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2018/04/cd-review-hurricane-mike-thompson.html

Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show Playlist of the week 17. 2018 http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2018/04/country-music-news-international_29.html

Music News General:

Beatrice Egli mit Wohlfühlgarantie am 01. Mai live beim Studio Hire Festival + im Livestream http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2018/05/beatrice-egli-mit-wohlfuhlgarantie-am.html

Nashville's ENATION add 2nd London headline date due to high demand http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2018/05/nashvilles-enation-add-2nd-london.html

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Country Music News International celebrates being top spot on Google 2017 http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2017/08/country-music-news-international_28.html

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