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CD Review Roger Vines - Kudzu Kountry

Kudzu Kountry
Double Wide Wife - Walmart Woman - Time Share - He Must Look Good On Radio - Loaded Dice - Honey You Don't Need A Six Pack - She Was Smokin' - What We've Become - Diamonds That Fly - Man With The Gibson Guitar - Heroes You Don't See In the News - I Love Love Songs - Meant To Be - Raindrops - First Day Of Winter 

Roger Vines has a definite definition (ah make that women's) about women.  He's totally engrossed with a 'double wide' woman, a 'Walmart woman,' an Anniversary woman," a 'six-pack woman,' a smokin' woman, a 'daughter woman,' and quite a few other 'images' that can be related to various kinds of women.  What this indicates, it definitely is NOT current 'chart' music called country.  Roger has a kind of outlaw country Jimmy Buffet sound.  And guess what, it sounds great.  He wrote every one of these incredibly 'early country outlaw' style of writing songs. The studio session is extremely well done.  Musicians are not listed, but the session consists of the standard 'outlaw country' style of playing, however there is some interesting 'organ' music sometimes.  I like this album.  It's really an evolutionary pattern of country music if it had been left to evolve on its own.  When country music took a turn to anybody and anyone, no matter how good or bad their voice is (it can be fixed in the studio) and the publishing companies 'took over' who's going to do what on the 'charts' it left behind the ingredients that make a good 'real country' song.  Roger Vines is on the right 'track' especially if he's looking to sell songs to anyone who needs a song about a woman....or many different kinds of women.  I used to write a lot of music probably a little more poetic than Roger, but when I saw the doors closing on all kinds of 'real' country participation, I laid my pen down. Still, I wouldn't discourage a writer....ever, especially if he has a knack for writing, and writing something that can be meaningful to someone else which Roger Vines has.  The musicians are very 'into' what he's has written here.  We don't know who they are or where this was recorded (I suspect somewhere in Alabama), but the end project is a super good 'listening' album.  And you can also tell, the musicians are having a good time.  Good listening, no doubt about that.  Off it goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their appraisal.
www.music-savers.com RECORD REVIEW BY Bob Everhart, president, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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