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CD Review: Michael T. Wall - The Singing Newfoundlander

The Singing Newfoundlander
Shake My Hand I'm From Newfoundland - Little Boats of Newfoundland - Little Isle of Newfoundland - My Island in The Sea - Folks of Newfoundland - Ann From Newfoundland - Sqid Jiggin' Ground - Come Home Newfoundlander - Discovery of Newfoundland - The Singing Newfoundlander - Sons of Ol' Newfoundland - Song For Mother Earth - The Heritage - Pee Wee The Wonder Worm - I'm Coming Home To You Newfoundland - The Newfie Stomp

Michael T. Wall, is without a doubt, the best promoter Newfoundland has ever had, or ever will have.  His incredible love, fond memories, are experiences that led him to world-wide fame as a country music artist not afraid to write and sing honestly about his roots.  In a musical genre very similar to early country music, we hear the beloved accordion player in "Little Isle of Newfoundland" what a magnificent representation of 'country' music this is.  We don't hear this sincerity or honesty in music anymore, it's all been erased, but not quite.  There are still strong creators and supporters of a very 'rural' musical genre that will not die away so long as 'truth' still prevails in the lyrics of songs.  This 'collection' of simply great 'story' songs is one of the best I've heard in a long time.  I've given up trying to find this very important element that no longer appears in so-called country music today.  What a terrible shame and a terrible 'purchased' genre of music it has turned into.  Michael Wall takes us right back where that original dedication and obvious 'storytelling' quality still exists.  It's also amazing that Michael contributed his writing abilities to only four of these 16 songs.  This in itself lets us know that Newfoundlanders still hold their homeland in gentle hands.  Since some of this material goes all the way back to 1972, the studio engineer who put this together sure knew what he was doing.  Beautiful artwork on the cover, an original painting,  "Little Boats of Newfoundland' adds to the beauty of the entire project. Each song, each story, is a remarkable history lesson as well as a most entertaining musical experience.  History has repeatedly told us, in very frank terms, that what we leave behind are the 'seeds' of what becomes planted in the future.  Michael's 'garden' is certainly full of the beauty of music, that will survive the eternities.  Because this is a 'collection' of some of Michael's best works, we don't know who the individual musicians are. However with the heart of a poet, and the smarts of an engineer, Michael picked the 'best of the crop.'  Each and every musician is definitely in the same 'garden row' that Michael T. Wall is in.  Same holds true for him in Australia, where he is quite famous.  "Come Home Newfoundlander" is the ultimate invitation to someone who originally came from this beautiful isle of Canada, discovered in 1497.  I'm thinking Sabrina Wall is Michael's daughter.  She does a remarkable rendition dedicated to "Song For Mother Earth.'  What a lovely addition to an already beautiful CD.  How could it get any better, closing with "I'm Coming Home To You Newfoundland" and celebrating with "The Newfie Stomp."
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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