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CD Review: James Robert Webb - Honky Tonk Revival

James Robert Webb
Honky Tonk Revival

Six Strings & the Truth 3:42 Hard Workin' Women 3:00 Nobody in his Right Mind Would've Left Her 2:50
Honky Tonk Revival 3:27 He Stopped Loving Her Today 4:13 Heart Hangover 3:00 Slow One 3:27
Call Me Anytime 2:52 American Beauty 2:43 Falling Star 3:30 Man on a Mission 4:02

Today was a good day; my credit score bumped up 100 points, I got another $300 in credit, and I got approved for medical marijuana. You really can't beat a day like that. After last week's mess, I guess it was deserved. So, I'm back to reviewing, finally.
The album opens up with, Six Strings & the Truth. James Robert Webb has a good deep voice, not raspy just that cowboy deep. This song has a pretty catchy rhythm once the drums kick in. Probably, without the accent this could be considered a rock song. The rhythm guitar pumps the chords and breaks down into pretty defined riffs, as the lead produces some really nice solos as the song progresses. So far, this band has its shit together and you really can appreciate the professionalism that they possess. It is a pretty tight unit.
Hard Workin' Women, is not a title I would expect coming from the idea of a "Honky Tonk Revival", but it definitely has my attention right off the bat. I guess that's a pretty sexist statement. Anyway, it is an anthem to the women that stand behind their man and make them what they are. The song itself has a pretty fast tempo and the solos switch between the lead guitar and a fiddle. There is also a pianist that joins in. So far, and it's still early, this is one of the best songs I've heard in a while. A bit different than, "my baby left me, let me drown in my sorrows, or let's get drunk and screw."
Wait this next one, Nobody in his Right Mind Would've Left Her, is just the type of song I was referring to. The song really demonstrates James Robert Webb's vocal range and ability. Even if it's a "drown in your sorrows" song, it is a good one. It's short and to the point. Now the album's namesake, Honkey Tonk Revival, is just what it sounds like. I do like the fiddle, steel guitar and piano and the references to Merle Haggard, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. This song is a real "boot scootin' jamboree."
He Stopped Loving Her Today, is a softer sweet ballad. I'm not sure if this song is about a guy dying or just metaphorically dying. Any which way, I can relate to it as much as the next guy when you know a relationship is over and it's just not worth hanging on anymore. A Soft Slow One, is just that a soft slow one. Opens with a sad fiddle that seems to find its way through the tune. It's a nice song, basically sounds like a letter to his girl or soon to be ex.
Call Me Anytime, picks it up with the lead guitar producing a nice riff. The lyrics are fairly humorous, the solos are great and when it kicks into the acoustic riff that serves as the bridge it’s a great connector. It really brings the song together. Now the song I've been waiting for, American Beauty. I don't know why I've been waiting for this. I guess it's because it's the title of that Grateful Dead album. I love the opening of this song. The chord progression is solid. It's definitely a song that has to get the crowd moving. This song didn't disappoint.
Man on a Mission, was a great choice to end this album. It really displays a "Honky Tonk Revival." The fiddle, the dancing piano, the tempo, the structure and message all just make you want to move.
Overall, this album is definitely driven by a great fiddle and the vocals and lyrics. I would have to say that this album should belong in any true country music lover's collection. The vocals are truly inspirational how they expound upon the rhythm and lyrics driving home the message and relaying the feeling as they dance through the ear drums.

For Country Music News International by Jeremy Frost

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