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CD Review: BaileyMarie - Keepin' It Country

Keepin' It Country
You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man - Jones On The Jukebox - He Walked Out The Door - Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' - Delta Dawn - Wouldn't Change You If I Could - Rocky Top - Do You Still Love Me - Honky Tonk Angels - I'll Fly Away

It never ceases to amaze me, just when I think 'real' country is down the tube, and we're all stuck with an imitation on country radio today that doesn't sound like they know what the word 'country' means.  According to my American College Dictionary it means 'of the country, rural, unpolished.'  That's what it was all about in the early days, three chords and the truth.  Boy has that changed, but just when I think it's all gone, here comes an attractive 16 year old girl from Iowa, of all places, from Corning, who can sing a 'country' song with polish like she was born to it.  That's all it takes, the original definition 'unpolished,' skipped out of town when Bailey took the mike.  I said 'country' meaning 'real country.'  Bailey's been entertaining since she was six, and that was ten years ago.  Check out the songs she selected to record on this really nice CD.  Are they 'country' or what?  Baily has a nice straight forward voice perfectly suited to the country style she is developing.  It's the 'real deal' and I surely hope she continues her music path in this same genre that she is doing so well with on this, I believe might be her first CD.  Her grandfather is an old friend, Jim Wymore, who makes his home in Villisca, Iowa.  He's playing rhythm guitar on this fine CD.  Another old friend Mark Howard is on drums.  Add Dennis White on banjo (especially good on Rocky top) and steel, and you can begin to see what I'm talking about.  Dave Reeves and Gary Walker appear at various times on guitar, and Rick Titus and Paul Fay hold up the bass parts. This is a perfect combination of instruments to make it the 'real deal.'   It just thrills me, at this time in my life when I've been all over the world it seems, playing and plugging real country music, to hear a young woman give her heart and her voice to it.  I see a very pleasant experience ahead for Bailey.  Mind, it won't be easy, the doors are mostly shut today, but if you follow this particular 'style' of country music, you will always find fans who will love what are doing, simply because of the fact they can't hear it on radio anymore. Be sure to make this CD available to these fans wherever you appear.  "I Wouldn't Change You If I Could" are the perfect words I would personally attach to Bailey.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Don't stop, even if it gets tough sometimes.  It's the world we live in, not the beauty a young woman can bring to this beautiful totally American genre of music.  I also really like the old-time practice of ending a set of music with a Gospel song.  Nearly all the early groups did this, so did Bailey. One of my favorites.  Off this CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission in the hopes that they will consider it for their CD of the Year awards.
www.music-savers.com RECORD REVIEW By Bob Everhart, President, National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International

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