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Eileen Carey Continues Her Unprecedented Rise to the Top

Indie Country Pop Star Eileen Carey Continues Her Unprecedented Rise to the Top. Awarded Las Vegas Producer Choice Honors Award April 7th!

(Actress turned singer adds another voice. Her TheMusicMom.com advice and support blog site. "Another opportunity to give back," Carey says.)

California country-pop singer-songwriter Eileen Carey, the Los Angeles Music Award’s Female Country Artist of 2017 and New Music Weekly’s Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2018, received her third award of 2018, the Las Vegas Producers Choice Honors Award for Female Solo Country Artist of the Year a couple weeks ago at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Café, on April 7th where she performed her popular Good Bad Girl set to an approving industry full house.
Carey—a little bit cosmopolitan, a little bit country, a true musical chameleon, blending pop and rock and country influences with ease. Fans have recognized Carey’s star-quality for years, but now the critics are starting to take notice as well. – ElmoreMagazine.com
Indie Carey’s sky-rocketing career can be called unprecedented as the performer regularly matches the draw of the iconic acts she has been sharing the stage with. She regularly tops New Music Weekly’s Country, AC/Hot AC and Top 40 Charts, and in 2017 NMW awarded her the 2017 Crossover Artist of the Year for her .
Eileen Carey has had one of her best years to date. We have to give her big congratulations as her Good Bad Girl pulled off some amazing chart success from country to mainstream. (Buck McCoy, New Music Weekly, Dec. 2017) 
 Eileen has a couple of Nashville dates coming up, "my home away from home," the singer says. She is performing at the Nashville Sync Summit on the 18, 19 of May, her performance last December at Mark Frieser's Hollywood Sync Summit landed her a sync shopping deal with Rinse-the-Sync in the UK. "It is something that I am looking forward to," says Carey, "there is nothing that expands your brand and increases your profile in the world of music today, then film, television and advertising." 
 Another date that has Eileen excited is her sharing a stage at the Whiskey A-Go-Go with Willie's kid Rayleen Nelson on July 6th of this year. “I wouldn’t have thought that I’d get a chance to share a stage with Rayleen at the Whiskey, but I am exciting to meet her,” says the songstress also known for her incisive blog called the music mom (themusicmom.com) for entertainers that are raising children.
“My Music Mom advice blog keeps growing. I have spent more time on it this past year, and it seems to be bearing fruit,” Eileen says. “When I am not blogging myself I bring in articles and ideas from around the parenting campus. ” Whether posting from other sources as a recent Billboard.com news piece on the value of music therapy, as the Academy of Country Music recently honored, to a piece from WeHaveKids.com titled Healing the Hurt From an Emotionally Absent Mother, or a direct blog from my experience, the site continues to resonate with a growing audience. “The world is filled with ups and downs,” she says of her blog’s mission, “so I want to help people see things in a more positive light and find a better place in their lives." 

Sources say the hitmaker will be releasing a new single this coming month. We fans eagerly looking forward to it!

 The singer offers a downloads on NoiseTrade.com in exchange for your subscription to her newsletter. An email address.                                   

Eileen Carey Interview in the Huffington Post 2017 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/590a77a1e4b03b105b44bf33                                             Cover story in the Pasadena Weekly 2017 https://www.pasadenaweekly.com/2017/02/16/breaking-big/e                                                            Grab the music https://noisetrade.com/eileencarey/good-bad-girl

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