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CD Review: Storm Seymour - Angels

Angel Band - Our Father - Softly and Tenderly - Spirit Of The Living God - Alleluia - Amazing Grace - Bright Morning Stars - Down In The River To Pray - In The Garden - Were You There - Calling My Children Home - Come Home Little Children - Jesus Loves Me - God Bless The Children

I don't believe I could have found a better CD to review on Easter weekend that this particular one.  A'capella is an interesting way to sing.  It's without musical instruments.  Storm and Angel Seymour do a most remarkable presentation of 'true' adoration and love for our Lord Jesus Christ on this recording.  I don't believe I've ever heard it done so devotedly.  Storm and Angel are Meskwaki Indians (part of the Fox and Sac Tribes) from the Tama area of Iowa, and the second song "Our Father" is done in a kind of very old style Indian singing.  It is absolutely beautiful, and if you've never taken the time to understand the 'truth' of Jesus Christ, you will definitely be moved by this incredibly beautiful testimony. Storm Seymour is a super-star if you didn't know that.  Christ certainly knows it.  BUT the music business is exactly that, a 'business.'  What was once determined by extraordinary talent and beauty has today been replaced by those who have the most money to 'buy' the charts.  Spiritual music, in this case 'gospel' music, as done by Storm & Angel is an extreme pleasure of what 'dedication' and 'adoration' is all about.  Using just their God-given voices and musical ear, they have created one of the most sincere and 'honest' expressions of devotion I've ever heard.  Storm's dad, Frank Seymour was also a Christian, and Storm gives great love and appreciation to his father by dedicating this album to him.  Had Storm became that 'super-star' in the  music business, it would have taken him away from his 'true' calling, the opportunity to care for orphan Indian children.  So which would you choose?  The fame and money of superstars, or the thanks and gratitude of Jesus Christ Himself.  To sit at the Lord's side is an incredible destination, and exactly where Storm Seymour, and ALL his Christian followers will sit.  The American Indian has continued to be 'last' in just about everything a democratic republic has to offer.  However, according to our own dear Bible, they shall be "first' when the time comes, which seems very near, to sit at the side of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Hardship?  Yes, all Christians are going through a 'hardship' today as they witness before their very eyes the hypocrisy of a failing nation to honor the status of Jesus Christ in this country, on this planet, and in this universe.  May God Bless you in all that you do Storm Seymour, and continue to remind you that your chair (and your Christian follower's chairs) beside the Lord Jesus Christ has already been reserved. I need to also remind the listener that the last four songs are done by Storm's singing partner, known simply as 'Angel.'
www.music-savers.com - Record Review by Bob Everhart, President, National Traditional Country Music Association, for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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